Sunday, November 3, 2013

Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki (Manga) Review

Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki Manga Review

Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki
Manga Cover

I love picking up random mangas and then falling in love with them. This is exactly what happened with Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki. It deals with paranormal activities and people being able to use certain powers. Each person is classified differently by their powers. Ao and Nanaki search for these cases and solve them. Although I feel like the ending was left open for another volume or a continuation, but it ended nicely.

Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki Plot

Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki
Ao and Nanaki

Nanaki is hit by a car at the beginning of Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki. After that he is able to use certain powers. A boy named Ao comes after him and explains he is from and organization called Lock. There other people have the same abilities or completely different ones. They pair up and search out for paranormal activities and solve the cases. Each chapter deals with different stories. Nanaki has to be able to control his teleportation and heavens abilities. He is powerful in a pinch but can not command his powers at will sometimes. Ao is a really mysterious kid. He may look sixteen but he is actually twenty. Nanaki senses something is wrong with him, but will never admit it to Ao. Instead he speaks to Gunji his "boss". He really doesn't tell him anything until the end of the manga. Between puppets, vampires, ghosts, and fortune tellers, the two deal with everything paranormal in this manga.

Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki Characters

Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki
Nanaki and Ao

Nanaki is a hard headed high school student with new found abilities. He wants to save everyone and find out what these new abilities mean. He is cocky and really into the ladies, although he is not lucky. He mostly stays in trouble. Ao is a quite kid with a mysterious past. He keeps quiet and tries to hold a strong front to everyone. Gunji is the leader of the group and is very calm. He is mature and makes them train often. Satsuke and Kanade are two female Nouryokusha user. Kanade can touch things and see the things from the users point of view while Satsuke has super human strength. The cast of characters are really great. They are essential to the story. Not all of them are explained like Satsuke and Kanade, but as far as teh main characters go, their story is told.

The Nouryokusha of Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki

Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki

Nouryokusha are people with the ability to use certain powers. Whether it is teleporting or healing, any power is available here. Ao has the ability to heal wounds and change his special rod into anything he wants. Nanaki can teleport, use heavens ability, an has psychic abilities. Satsuke has super strength while Kanade can know things about a human from touching personal stuff. Gunji is really mysterious. He has powers but he never really uses them. Other poweres include telling the future, living forever, and so much more. Really not alot is explored when it comes to the powers. Nanaki and Ao are the only two who continuously use their powers and sharpen their skills in the manga.

Like I said Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki was a great manga. It is not a long manga, but it is not short. With supernatural powers in the story as well as chasing after ghosts, vampires, and the such, you can not go wrong. If you happen to see this manga, then pick it up and read it, you will not be disappointed.

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Overall Grade 9/10

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Yoru wo Utau Kodomotachi (Manga) Review

Yoru wo Utau Kodomotachi Manga Review

Yoru wo Utau
Manga Cover

I had never previously heard of Yoru wo Utau Kodomotachi. That is until I had started to browse around for some short manga's. When I came upon this manga, the art really stuck out. Plus I liked how it had to do with a mysterious school and a door to the underworld. Not only that, but the characters are quickly to love. Everything about this manga was really good. I have found that shorter manga's are sometimes better.

Yoru wo Utau Kodomotachi Plot

Yoru wo Utau
Plot of Yoru wo Utau

In Yuro wo Utau, a rumor has been going around Kuniyuki's school that there is a door that leads to a secret dimension. Teens have been disappearing and the police can not figure out where they are going. Kuniyuki's friend just happened to be one of the kids who disappears. He goes in search of his friend but ends up in the door himself. It leads to a mansion where a girl named Towa lives. She protects the school the best she can, but lately the work is to much. She takes Kuniyuki and another of his classmates, Kashiwagi, as her helpers. Eventually Kuniyuki finds out why Towa is so bent on protecting the people of that school. It is her fault that demons have been released. She has a good reason, but Kuniyuki does not trust her.

Yoru wo Utau Kodomotachi Characters

Yoru wo Utau
Towa, Kashiwagi, and Kuniyuki

Kuniyuki is the main character of the story. He really wants nothing to do with Towa, but wants to help his friends and classmates that disappeared. He is quiet to other people, but they mostly leave him alone. Towa is a girl that once went to the same school a long time ago. She was seduced to the other side and became the protector of the school. She remains the same age and only wants to be done with her responsibilities. Kashiwagi is a really quiet student. At first he was watching out for Kuniyuki and got involved. The only reason he got involved was because he has demon eyes. They allow him to enter freely into the mansion at any point.

Kashiwagi may have not had a lot of air time in my article, but he was my favorite character. You should really give Yoru wo Utau Kodomotachi a read. It is only one volume long and has a really good completed and thorough story. Nothing is left out so you do not have to worry about any cliff hangers. Pick it up or read it online, you will not be disappointed.

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Overall Grade 8/10

Friday, November 1, 2013

Yesterday, Yes A Day (Manga) Review

Yesterday, Yes A Day Manga Review

Yesterday Yes A Day
Manga Cover

This was a really cute romance manga. Yesterday, Yes A Day is about a boy who leaves a girl behind to go to a better school. When he comes back, he comes back with new found feelings for her. Although she takes a while to catch on, the two remain good friends. She gets annoyed with him, makes him jealous, and then the two eventually get together. A really good manga, but a really typical love story. Yesterday, Yes A Day is worth the quick read.

Yesterday, Yes A Day Plot

Yesterday Yes A Day
Haruno and Takiji

Takiji leaves Haruno behind to go to a different school while the two are still in middle school. Now it is the first year of high school and Takiji has returned home. Since Haruno's dad works late she spends most of her time at Takiji's grandmothers house (even while he was gone). His grandmother gives the responsibility of watching over him to Haruno. Well Takiji rarely talks and really only talks to Haruno's brother, Subaru. He confesses that he has feelings for Haruno. Subaru really does not seemed that surprised. Finally Takiji tells Haruna by the end of chapter three. She yells at him and thinks it is a joke. She really does not know how to take it. Eventually as memories come back to them from childhood, she falls in love as well. The two end up happily ever after.

Yesterday, Yes A Day Characters

Yesterday Yes A Day
Chapter Two

 Haruno is a hard headed girl. She has been given the task of watching over Takiji. They are both clumsy and very accidental. He rarely speaks while she talks his head off. They both love to reminiscence about the past. Subaru, Haruno's older brother is a bit of a trouble maker. He gets all the girls and really goes through them. Even though, Rui, Haruno's friend, still loves him. She has had a crush on him for a long time. She is a bit more quiet, but still popular like Haruno.

The characters are realistic and the setting is something that could actually happen, or as I am sure has happened. I really loved this manga! Yesterday, Yes A Day was really cute and a great Slice of Life. The two really deserved to be together and though it took them a while to figure it out, they eventually did. I would recommend this manga to anyone who loves romance or slice of life mangas. Yesterday Yes A Day is not a manga you want to skip over, plus it is only one volume long.

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Overall Grade 7/10