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Simba vs Kimba: The Lion King and Kimba The White Lion Controversy

Kimba the White Lion and The Lion King Controversy

Kimba vs Simba
Kimba and Simba
Kimba The White Lion was an animated TV series way before The Lin King was even thought of. With a lot of evidence stacked against Disney stealing Tezuka's original work, most people believe it is a rip off. The history of the two men working together, the undeniable copy scenes, and the characters all give reason to believe it is a rip off though.

Disney and Tezuka

230px-Osamu_Tezuka s_im-1682-portrait-de-walt-disney

Tezuka met Walt Disney back in 1964 at NY's World Fair. The two talked and eventually Disney had people help Tezuka's men to properly color his animated series Kimba The White Lion. Disney even said to Tezuka that he wished to create something like Astro Boy. Tezuka also got the rights to adapt Bambi into a manga series at this time.

Disney is an over zealous company. They even once demanded that Mickey and Minnie Mouse pictures be removed from a daycare center. So when it comes to copyright issues, Disney is no fan of taking it. However they do like to create it. When they created The Lion King in 1996 they say they had no idea of the 1966 Kimba The White Lion series. When the Disney movie aired in Japan theaters over 1,100 anime artists and fans signed a petition demanding Disney to acknowledge their thievery of Tezuka's original work. Disney of course refused saying they had no knowledge of its existence. But how can this be when an investigation revealed that three people working in The Lion King had knowledge of the Tezuka work. They admitted to this as well. They later denied this fact stating the two were completely different stories.

Tom Sito, the head of the animators' union and past worker of The Lion King said:

"We were more than halfway through production with most of the story locked when one animator found a Kimba comic with a setting that looked very close to Pride Rock. He posted it and we were all very amused by the similarities but none of us felt we were ripping it off."

Some say at this point that the references were subliminal and that the creators may have pulled from past knowledge of the anime not remembering they watched it as a child. The fact that many people from Disney had previously worked on Kimba The White Lion and then The Lion King Gould be proof enough that the story was stolen even if it was subliminal.

The Similarities

Kimba vs SImba
The Similar Scenes

Many questions surround the Kimba and Lion King controversy. The fact that Disney made The Lion King years later an even had a hand in distributing Kimba the White Lion in the USA, many believe they ripped off Tezuka's original work.

1. The name of the main characters: Kimba and Simba.
2. Both are destined to be kings.
3. Both cubs see their fathers in the sky.
4. Fathers died by traitors.
5. Both cubs are followed by an annoying bird.
6. Both have a wide and crazy baboon
7. Both cubs have 'cute' girlfriends waiting for them.
8. Hyenas are always attempting to take over their land.
9. Antagonists in both have only one eye and have similar names: Claw and Scar.
10. The jutting rock pose in both animations.

These are just the most notable similarities which lead most people to believe it is not just a coincidence. Of course Disney denies any rip off state that it is all coincidence and based solely from Shakespeare's Hamlet and the Biblical story of Mary and Joseph. Ten similarities is no coincidence.

Simba vs Kimba
Original Artwork for Simba

With evidence like this, people still side with Disney and say it is just a coincidence. So I will leave the post with one more note. In the original artwork drawn up for The Lion King Simba was suppose to be a white lion, yes a white lion. At this point it is beyond coincidental and now just a rip off. Do not get me wrong though, The Lion King is my favorite Disney movie and will always be my favorite. I hate that it was a rip off of an anime. The only thing I ask and the many Tezuka fans ask is that credit is given where it is due. I feel it is due here.

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Death Note Chapter 109

Death Note the Extra Chapter

Death Note
Chapter 109

So I finally found a copy of the extra chapter from Death Note. It was pretty good and I actually liked how it ended. Near is a little more grown up now and seems to have become ‘L’ fully. He still has his old happens like building things and playing with his hair. He seems to be a bit more like ‘L’ as well in personality.

Plot of Death Note Chapter 109

Death Note
Cries for Death
Recently a lot of elderly people have been dying. Mostly only the ones who want to die. The investigators from the Japanese Police Force that fought Kira notice a familiar trend. Someone is using a Death Note. Near’s team also notices the trend.
The Kira Kingdom show is going to be airing a special where people will debate what is going on. They will of course be covered up by glass so their faces will not show. People break through an beg C-Kira to kill them. He grant their wishes. Soon Near airs as L and announces he is not interested in this Cheap Kira. He leaves everything to the Japanese Police Force. It is here that you get a little back story with Near. He mentions that he heard L speak one time at his orphanage and that after that meeting with the children, L chose Near and Mello to be choices for his successors. He chose them because they said nothing to him and had a ‘nasty’ look in their eyes.
Meanwhile in the Shinigami world, Ryuk is asked if he is responsible by a fellow Shinigami. He explains that another had brought apples from Earth and asked for a second Death Note. He gave it to a human to do as Ryuk had. He comes back at the end of the chapter disappointed. He explains to Ryuk that his human sat still for three days after he killed the people on TV. He then wrote his own name in the Death Note. Ryuk said his human was not mentally capable like Light Yagami. Ryuk stated that his human was weak.
Death Note
Like I said it was pretty cool. I enjoyed reading it and liked that it was not just a continuation. I see that too often with great anime’s, they have to add more plot line just to get more money. It’s not great, but just enough to keep the really loyal fans involved. I digress though, sorry :3. Anyways it’s a good extra chapter and in my opinion worth the read.
Overall Grade: 9 out of 10

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Reviews by Others From The Online Anime Store

New Reviews

I have a few people writing reviews for every now and then. I met both of these people through the anime app Anime Amino.Both are great writers and I really appreciate their work. I can not really put the full review on here because I feel that is false advertisement. I will just simply place the first paragraph up and let you decide if you would like to read the rest. Thank you to everyone who does read and I am sure they appreciate it as well.

Reviews by GazerockGirl

Inazuma Eleven Review

I do not watch a lot of sports anime, but this one really sparked my interest and after watching it, I really enjoyed it. Inazuma Eleven is a soccer anime that adds the twist of having super powered moves known as hissatsu techniques to soccer. The anime focuses on the main character and his soccer team that strives to defeat the enemies that try to destroy their soccer along with making new friends and allies. There are more seasons such as Inazuma Eleven Go and Chrono Stone, however I think that the original is the most entertaining. Read More.

Kitchen Princess Review

I love shoujo, so when I found out about Kitchen Princess, I decided to try it out and it was actually very good. Revolving around cooking and the main character, Najika, trying to find her mysterious “Flan Prince”, I couldn’t help but find it a pleasant read despite the lack of character development. Read More.

Reviews by dabberdoob

Kaichou wa Maid-sama

A friend of mine actually recommended Kaichou wa Maid-sama for me once she found out I enjoy romance. I was reluctant to watch it at first, because it seemed like the typical “good girl falls in love with popular guy” type of plot, so I was surprised at the fact that I couldn’t stop watching it. Read More.

Diabolik Lovers 

Yui Komori, the female protagonist of Diabolik Lovers, has just moved into the Sakamaki household, a mansion that is currently the home of six vampires. As she gets to know them in ways she probably didn’t want to, she slowly learns about their pasts. This takes up a majority of the episodes. The main plot does not occur until the last few episodes, but the ending hints at a possible second season. Read More.

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The Aincrad Castle

Sword Art Online Newest Website: The Aincrad Castle

The Aincrad Castle

I had always wanted to create a website dedicated to one anime. I had originally intended to create a Cowboy Bebop fan page, but soon decided to give my attention to another anime, Sword Art Online. I loved this anime and literally watched it back to back. Everyone seems to get hooked on the anime because of the first half. I also read the mangas and then started to read the light novels. I felt as though I was breathing SAO. My head was filled with so much knowledge of the anime, light novels, and mangas. So I decided to create The Aincrad Castle. I wanted to get the information out there of Sword Art Online and how great it is to watch... and read.

The Aincrad Castle News and Reviews

GGO's Sinon

You can find reviews of the anime and manga here for the moment. Soon reviews of each light novel and even each episode of the anime's will be up as well. I attempt to keep up with every detail of Sword Art Online II to keep you updated. Funny posts and meme's will also be available soon to those who like to laugh. I may be a bit harsh on the manga review due to the lack of plot line. The story is great, but just like the anime, it lacks a detailed account of the SAO arc. It seems to me that they should have done Sword Art Online as a full 26 episode series as well as ALfheim Online.

The Aincrad Castle Character Information


Characters are essential to the story. So who are the main characters and what are their special abilities? Find out all that information and so much more at The Aincrad Castle Character Information page. Please do not look at the character bios if you have not seen the anime or read the light novels as it will spoil some of the story. Soon there will be polls of best character costumes as well as favorite side characters and romances of Kirito. Find out who could be future anime characters like Alice or Eugeo as well.

The Aincrad Castle Anime, Manga, and Light Novel

Fairy Dance Manga Cover

There will soon be pages that will be descriptive of each anime, manga, and light novel. Here you will be able to find out information like guilds in SAO, what Nerave Gear is, and any known monsters from the SAO anime. A detailed listing of the Aincrad castle floors will also be available. Information of the manga's will also play a role in a future page as well as possibly getting the full manga on the website to read. Any other possible pages can include AMVs (mine as well as featured AMVs of others), featured reviews, debates, polls and games, and so much more.


Even though the website is still under construction, I hope to get many people to view the site. I felt as though the official American website was lacking a bit and the format was a bit weird to navigate through. Hopefully you will enjoy The Aincrad Castle and keep up with the new updates as well as the newest information on Sword Art Online II. So please stop by and visit The Aincrad Castle!

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Sword Art Online II: Gun Gale Online

Sword Art Online II: Gun Gale Online

Sword Art Online Season 2
Sinon and Kirito
Sword Art Online was such a big hit, but not satisfying enough. Now the next installment of the light novel series is considered for adaption. With it already being confirmed, most people may want to know what is in store. One can only assume the story will follow the light novel of the GGO arc. Most people will argue this as the third season, but in reality it is the third arc.

Gun Gale Online Light Novel Plot

Sword Art Online Season 2
The light novel of Sword Art Online: GGO arc follows Kirito into a new VRMMORPG. Within this game guns are the primary weapons while lightsabers and knifes are subsidiary weapons. People have recently died from the game when their avatars are killed. Sinon, a new character, has asked Kirito for help in solving the case. He leaps into the game in search for the murderers. Come to find out, three people have created an avatar called Death Gun. He carries a special weapon that kills both user and avatar at the same time. Two of those three people happen to have been part of the Laughing Coffin game from Sword Art Online. The adventure of Kirito continues again in Gun Gale Online.

Gun Gale Online New Character

Sword Art Online Season 2
Sinon the Sniper
Sinon is the new female character for this arc. Her real name is Shino Asada. She is a female sniper in GGO, who started the game to get over a childhood trauma that happened with guns. She owns a rare gun called the PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II. At first Kirito is considered to be an opponent due to the games large competitiveness of the game. She also develops feelings for him like his other female game partners. She also joins ALfheim Online as a Cait Sith archer. Asuna gives her the nickname Sinonon.

Gun Gale Online New Feature

Sword Art Online Season 2
There is a new feature involved with Gun Gale Online, you can make real money. Within the game a player is competing against others and can earn money and use it in the real world. This gives a lot of people reason to play this game. Many people even use it as their profession and earn a lot of cash.

I am excited to see this new arc come out. I have heard rumors that it will be airing around the same time that the newest game, Hollow Fragments, is released in April of 2014. Hopefully it will follow closely to the light novels much like the first two arcs. I also would like it if the new arc covered the whole season, there are a lot of nice twists in the light as well that may take place.

Sword Art Online II Trailer

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Anime Amino: The Otaku App

The Perfect Anime (Amino) App

Anime Amino
The Otaku's App
I find myself using this anime app more and more every day. Anime Amino is the perfect place for Anime lover's to get together and talk about, well, Anime! Here people can discuss many things from cosplay ideas to greatest anime ever. Finding your way through the app is easy. It is addicting though. The urge to follow everyone is hard to fight as well. This is of course only available on Apple products.

The Anime Amino Menu

Anime Amino
Discover Others
The app opens up to a news feed. Here you can access the popular stories or see what your friends are posting. You also have the ability to get involved in discussions. One user may ask what your favorite anime is and why. There is one section that allows you check your own profile and any emails or notifications. To get to this you must slide from the left side. Here you have the news feed, discover, discussions, and membership. Since you open up on the news feed I won't re-discuss this one. Discover is where you can locate other users around you. That is right, you can see who in your town is into anime. Maybe you can set up an anime club. Then you have the Discussion area. Here you have the choice to discuss about up coming anime, anime series, advanced critic, manga, cosplay, anime music and AMVs, Japanese culture, Events, and even the Chinese fans have their own section. The Membership area is sill under construction.

Now that we talked about the that, lets get to the Profile section. When you click on your picture you are taken to "Me". This is where you can post a collection, blog, or check up on your discussions. A collection is something you can create that is either about an anime, a character, your latest drawing, an AMV, etc. You can literally put anything anime related that you like here. The blog is just a basic blog area. You just say what is on your mind. You can also link blogs and collections together. You can start your own discussions as well. If you click on your name at the top, it takes you to your page. This is where you can tell people a little about yourself. Most users include the anime and manga's they have completed. If you slide from the right, you also have the ability to save users you like the best. Maybe they always have great collections or they are great to debate with, whatever the reason you don't want to lose their username.

Anime Amino Reputation

Anime Amino
Anime Collection
Anime Amino wants you to keep a good reputation. Reputation is gained in this app when others follow you, comment on your discussions, interactions on other users discussions, etc. Basically it makes you stay involved in the community. You can not direct email or create a discussion until you have 50 reputation points. Reputation can also allow other users to see how well you keep up with the app. Why follow someone who never does anything?

Check out Anime Amino in the app section of your Apple products. You can also visit the Anime Amino website to see what the fuss is about. Hope to see you join soon, if you do look me up: Sabrina Murray.

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Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki (Manga) Review

Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki Manga Review

Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki
Manga Cover

I love picking up random mangas and then falling in love with them. This is exactly what happened with Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki. It deals with paranormal activities and people being able to use certain powers. Each person is classified differently by their powers. Ao and Nanaki search for these cases and solve them. Although I feel like the ending was left open for another volume or a continuation, but it ended nicely.

Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki Plot

Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki
Ao and Nanaki

Nanaki is hit by a car at the beginning of Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki. After that he is able to use certain powers. A boy named Ao comes after him and explains he is from and organization called Lock. There other people have the same abilities or completely different ones. They pair up and search out for paranormal activities and solve the cases. Each chapter deals with different stories. Nanaki has to be able to control his teleportation and heavens abilities. He is powerful in a pinch but can not command his powers at will sometimes. Ao is a really mysterious kid. He may look sixteen but he is actually twenty. Nanaki senses something is wrong with him, but will never admit it to Ao. Instead he speaks to Gunji his "boss". He really doesn't tell him anything until the end of the manga. Between puppets, vampires, ghosts, and fortune tellers, the two deal with everything paranormal in this manga.

Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki Characters

Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki
Nanaki and Ao

Nanaki is a hard headed high school student with new found abilities. He wants to save everyone and find out what these new abilities mean. He is cocky and really into the ladies, although he is not lucky. He mostly stays in trouble. Ao is a quite kid with a mysterious past. He keeps quiet and tries to hold a strong front to everyone. Gunji is the leader of the group and is very calm. He is mature and makes them train often. Satsuke and Kanade are two female Nouryokusha user. Kanade can touch things and see the things from the users point of view while Satsuke has super human strength. The cast of characters are really great. They are essential to the story. Not all of them are explained like Satsuke and Kanade, but as far as teh main characters go, their story is told.

The Nouryokusha of Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki

Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki

Nouryokusha are people with the ability to use certain powers. Whether it is teleporting or healing, any power is available here. Ao has the ability to heal wounds and change his special rod into anything he wants. Nanaki can teleport, use heavens ability, an has psychic abilities. Satsuke has super strength while Kanade can know things about a human from touching personal stuff. Gunji is really mysterious. He has powers but he never really uses them. Other poweres include telling the future, living forever, and so much more. Really not alot is explored when it comes to the powers. Nanaki and Ao are the only two who continuously use their powers and sharpen their skills in the manga.

Like I said Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki was a great manga. It is not a long manga, but it is not short. With supernatural powers in the story as well as chasing after ghosts, vampires, and the such, you can not go wrong. If you happen to see this manga, then pick it up and read it, you will not be disappointed.

Support Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki.
Read Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki.

Overall Grade 9/10