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Yesterday, Yes A Day (Manga) Review

Yesterday, Yes A Day Manga Review

Yesterday Yes A Day
Manga Cover

This was a really cute romance manga. Yesterday, Yes A Day is about a boy who leaves a girl behind to go to a better school. When he comes back, he comes back with new found feelings for her. Although she takes a while to catch on, the two remain good friends. She gets annoyed with him, makes him jealous, and then the two eventually get together. A really good manga, but a really typical love story. Yesterday, Yes A Day is worth the quick read.

Yesterday, Yes A Day Plot

Yesterday Yes A Day
Haruno and Takiji

Takiji leaves Haruno behind to go to a different school while the two are still in middle school. Now it is the first year of high school and Takiji has returned home. Since Haruno's dad works late she spends most of her time at Takiji's grandmothers house (even while he was gone). His grandmother gives the responsibility of watching over him to Haruno. Well Takiji rarely talks and really only talks to Haruno's brother, Subaru. He confesses that he has feelings for Haruno. Subaru really does not seemed that surprised. Finally Takiji tells Haruna by the end of chapter three. She yells at him and thinks it is a joke. She really does not know how to take it. Eventually as memories come back to them from childhood, she falls in love as well. The two end up happily ever after.

Yesterday, Yes A Day Characters

Yesterday Yes A Day
Chapter Two

 Haruno is a hard headed girl. She has been given the task of watching over Takiji. They are both clumsy and very accidental. He rarely speaks while she talks his head off. They both love to reminiscence about the past. Subaru, Haruno's older brother is a bit of a trouble maker. He gets all the girls and really goes through them. Even though, Rui, Haruno's friend, still loves him. She has had a crush on him for a long time. She is a bit more quiet, but still popular like Haruno.

The characters are realistic and the setting is something that could actually happen, or as I am sure has happened. I really loved this manga! Yesterday, Yes A Day was really cute and a great Slice of Life. The two really deserved to be together and though it took them a while to figure it out, they eventually did. I would recommend this manga to anyone who loves romance or slice of life mangas. Yesterday Yes A Day is not a manga you want to skip over, plus it is only one volume long.

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Overall Grade 7/10

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