Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hellsing Manga Review

Hellsing Manga

Volume one
When I first picked up Hellsing, I expected a lot. So many people talk about how great the manga is and that they loved it. I have seen some of the anime series so I knew somewhat how awesome it could be. Well sadly I was wrong. Most of my dislike actually stems from the translation (I hope). The site I read Hellsing on had a terrible translating and editing team. If you do read the manga, please purchase it to get a better experience.

The Plot of Hellsing

Iscariot, Hellsing, Nazi
The basic plot is about vampires and Christianity, oh and the Nazis. Basically a fat ugly Nazi man from WWII is still trying to carry out orders of taking over Europe, but this time he has vampires to help him. But before all this happens, Integra Hellsing finds Alucard in her basement. She is being chased by her uncle after her father dies while she is still a young child. Locked in the basement is the most powerful vampire, Alucard. Alucard swears his loyalty to Sir Hellsing (they call Integra sir even though she is female). As time goes on, Integra has Alucard hunt and kill vampires for the Queen of England.

In the present time, Hellsing, the Millennium, and the Iscariot are finishing a battle from WWII. Sturmbannführer, the leader of the Millennium group, has lead his band of vampires to London to act out a war he has wants badly. He is obsessed with war and killing Alucard. He does not care who dies to do kill him, but he wants the downfall of the Hellsing organization. Meanwhile the Iscariot is directly from the Vatican and the Priest Anderson is attempting to take out Alucard as well. The plot really unfolds in the last two books about how every knows everyone else and what Sturmbannführer really has in store for Alucard.

The Characters of Hellsing

Alucard and Integra
Alucard is the main character of Hellsing. He is an age old vampire that has the ability to look like anyone he has consumed. He can call upon armies of people to destroy for him, that is if he drank their blood. He creates Ceres, another vampire that works for Integra. She is a weak character at first, but eventually earns her way. Integra is the leader of the Hellsing organization and is also a valuable asset to the Queen and the Protestant Knights.

Father Anderson is the main vampire killer of the Iscariot group. He is a truly devoted Catholic and tries everything in his power (and Gods) to destroy Alucard. Sturmbannführer is a short fat ugly man in the control of the Nazi army. He only wants a war because he is obsessed with blood.

The characters are really terrible in the manga. A lot of side characters look alike and you can never tell if it is a male of female at times. There is really no character development at all in the manga and they are all Christian crazy whether they are vampires, werewolf's, or just demonic humans.

The Artwork of Hellsing

Manga Cover
The artwork is shotty. For a manga that is so popular I would have expected more. The females either have huge breasts or look like males. One character even had huge breasts to begin with and then suddenly had a breast reduction within a matter of minutes. I thought it was a brother or something of the character. The only thing that I loved about the artwork was Alucard. He was always in impressive poses. The background and vehicles were actually realistic looking. The artist is a good artist, just over dramatic with the characters.

I know a lot of people will probably disagree with my review on Hellsing. It is a real popular Anime/Manga and I don't want people to start thinking I don't know my Anime. I'm sure the majority of my issue lies within the translation of this manga, but still Hellsing is not one of my favorite manga's.

Overall Grade 4/10

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Anime Lego Review 2

Anime Lego Review

Today we are going to look at popular anime that has been turned into lego's. You judge these custom made anime legends. Anime makes everything better, and so do lego's. Combining them was genius.

Cowboy Bebop

This is the custom made Bebop Crew by Knaaker.


This lego creation by It is of Faye's ship the Red Tail.


By JL Custom Brick Studio

By FaintEndz on Flickr

Both of these are of Naruto from the famous anime. While both are very good custom legos, the top has the superior look. The bottom has the heart and soul though.



While these have the heart and soul in them, they do not look all that great. When looking at lego's, you want them to look like lego's.

By NoFear24 
 These custom figures of the famous Bleach are actually on sale on eBay! They are done so beautifully and look really smooth. 

Fate Zero: Ancient Legends Fighting

Fate Zero

Logo of Fate/Zero
Fate/Zero Logo
Fate Zero is not an anime for the light hearted. This anime leaves no one out of the picture to die. Even children die in this anime. Fate Zero tells the truth about war, people die. That was one of the reasons I loved Fate/Zero. Anime's that show the truth are often the best kind. They are not afraid to do anything.

Fate Zero Plot

Fate/Zero Plot
Waver Using a Command Spell

Anime Battles: Pokemon Vs Digimon

Pokemon vs Digimon
Pokemon Digimon
Pokemon vs Digimon
Pokemon versus Digimon has been a popular battle since they both first aired as anime's. Pokemon was by far the more popular when it came to video games and the anime. However, Digimon has its appeals as well. They both share similar themes. While Pokeon focuses more on the episode-to-episode love will save you, Digimon has more of a plot of survival.
Pokemon Digimon
Pokemon is about a boy named Ash trying to catch every creature. The first Pokemon anime that aired was in 1997. With fifteen movies and over 750 episodes, it is still an active anime. Pokemon can only say their names or a variation of, which can become annoying.

Pokemon Digimon
Digimon is about a team of kids that are sucked into the digital world. Here they meet Digimon which help them to try to find a way out of the digital world. There are a total of nine movies and 332 episodes. This anime has an ending. Digimon are allowed to speak.

Evolutionary Process


The Pokemon evolutionary process is based on the experience gained by the creature. Each one has at least two to three stages of evolution. This evolution is permanent to the creature. Including the evolutions, there are over 650 Pokemon.


The evolutionary process of Digimons is based o the trainers. Without the trainers energy, the Digimon do not have the power to evolve. They are able to de-evolve into one of their original states. There are a total of six evolution stages each Digimon undergoes. There are over 990 creatures in the digital world.

Cute Fan Promos
Pokemon Digimon
Gatomon vs Pikachu

I am more of a Digmon fan, but Pokemon does have its appeals. When it comes to video games I will always pick up a Pokemon game, but when it comes to the anime I would rather watch Digimon. Are you a Digimon or Pokemon fan?

Anime Nostalgia: Toonami

Anime Nostalgia: Toonami

Toonami came into our lives on Monday, March 17, 1997. The first block of cartoons hosted by Space Ghost's Moltar. Among the first cartoons showed, Voltron was able to slip through. This is the first anime to air on Toonami. Space Ghost stayed the host for several years until Tom came along. Until 2008, Toonami aired on Cartton Network. It was not until 2012 that Cartoon Network brought Toonami back as part of Adult Swim. All the while, Tom has showed us what anime was and how amazing it could be.

Popular Animes Aired on Toonami:

Click on the Anime to watch the Toonami trailer.
Robotech Toonami
One of the first anime's in Toonami

Sailor Moon Toonami
A popular female anime
Dragon Ball Z Toonami
Possibly the most popular anime on Toonami
Ronin Warriors Toonami
Ronin Warriors was also one of the first to air on Toonami
Gundam Wing Toonami
The first Gundam series to appear on Cartoon Network
Tenchi Muyo Toonami
Another classic Toonami anime
Outlaw Star Toonami
A popular sci-fi anime.
Cardcaptor Toonami
Another popular female anime.
Hamtaro Toonami
A cute anime!
G Gundam Toonami
Another popular Gundam series.
Toonami .hack//Sign
.hack//Sign is also a popular video game.
Neon Genesis Evangelion Toonami
A very popular, but confusing anime
Yu Yu Hakusho Toonami
A long running series
Rurouni Kenshin Toonami
A samurai historic anime
Cyborg 009 Toonami
This was a weird one
Gundam Seed Toonami
Gundam series were quite popular
One Piece Toonami
Popular amongst younger teens
Naruto Toonami
A popular long running series
Bleach Toonami
A very popular anime
Cowboy Bebop Toonami
My personal favorite
Trigun Toonami
Another of my favorites
Fullmetal Alchemist
A popular anime series
Ghost in the Shell Toonami
A classic anime
InuYasha Toonami
Another long running series
Soul Eater Toonami
A most recent Toonami anime

2013 Anime Theatrical Release

2013 Anime Theatrical Releases

Kotonoha no Niwa
Kotonoha no Niwa
Kotonoha no Niwa Poster
This Anime Theatrical Release is set for May 31, 2013. Takao is training to be a shoemaker and skips school often to sketch shoes. He goes to a Japanese garden to do this and eventually meets Yukino. She is an older mysterious woman and they only meet on rainy days.
Anime Theatrical Release Kotonoha no Niwa
With Makoto Shinkai as the director and Miyu Irino playing as Takao, this movie is sure to be an amazing release! Other voices include Kana Hanazawa as Yukino, Mikako Komatsu, and Fumie Hirano. Theme song performed by Motohiro Hata.

Code Geass: Akito the Exiled 2
Code Geass: Akito in Exile 2 Anime
Code Geass: Akito in Exile 2 Cover
This Anime Theatrical Release is set for July 2013. This is the second part of Akito the Exiled. With CLAMP as the character design, this anime has been a big success. The second episode of the OVA is set for this summer, but not a specific date. Miyu Irino makes an appearance again as Akito. Maaya Sakamoto is voicing Leila Malcal.

Kaze Tachinu
Kaze Tachinu Anime Theatrical Release
Movie Poster
Another Ghibli film will be theatrically released on July 20th 2013. The movie seems to be set in War World II era. Hayao Miyazaki is again going to be the director of another anime theatrical release hit.

Hal anime
Hal Movie Poster
This Anime Theatrical Release is a bit sad. Hal and Kurumi have a happy life together until Hal is killed in a plane accident. Kurmi looses her will to live until android Q01 is a fill in for Hal. With his looks and everything Kurumi has Hal back in her life. Yoko Hikasa plays Kurumi in this romantic search of love.

AnoHana Anime Thaetrical Release
Movie Poster
This Anime Theatrical Release is set for August 31, 2013. This is a film based after the TV series. The story is told through the eyes of Menma. Meiko Honma will be played by Ai Kayano.
Anime Theatrical Release
AnoHana Movie Poster