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Kimi Koi Limit (Manga) Review

Kimi Koi Limit Manga Review

Kimi Koi Limit
Kimi Koi Limit Manga Cover

Kimi Koi Limit is a Yuri Manga. That being said, it is also a shorter manga. The premise of this manga is basically a love triangle. Some one loves some one else, but they don't love them back. That person settles for another and still has feelings for the other one. Sounds like a Jerry Springer episode XD. It was a very cute manga though. The artwork was great and the characters were amazing as well. It is a bit risque at times but nothing too bad.

Kimi Koi Limit Plot and Characters

Kimi Koi Limit
Sono and Hiroko
Like I said, Kimi Koi Limit is a love triangle. Sono is a high school student in love with her classmate, Sato. She finally confesses her feelings, but Sato does not feel the same way. She wants to remain friends, but they lose contact after they graduate. A few months later, Sono is in a relationship with Hiroko. She has already slipped a few times and mentioned Sato and her feelings towards her. Hiroko basically took Sono in after she found her wandering the streets about to die. She had not intended to fall in love, but Hiroko could not resist Sono. All the while, Sono is freeloading at her place. Hiroko just happens to go to the same college as Sato. Sono runs into her eventually. At that time, they reconnect their old friendship. Sato starts to feel a certain way towards Sono as well. Soon they all find out about one another and Hiroko has to let go of Sono.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes romance mangas. It s a cute manga and you get to know the characters so well. I was really wanting Hiroko to win in the end, but she was just not enough for Sono. I also wish the manga had gone on a little longer. It seemed so short, but such a huge story to get out.

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Overall Grade 7/10

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ludwig (Manga) Review

Ludwig Manga Review

Ludwig Manga Review
Manga Cover
Of course I picked up Ludwig to read because it was by Kaori Yuki. I love her artwork and she did not disappoint me with Ludwig. I had no idea what the manga was about except that it was about a prince named Ludwig who was a womanizer. I was in for a nice surprise when I read the manga. It was  based after certain older fairy tales such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Red Riding Hood. Only in Kaori Yuki's manga, messed up things always happen.

Ludwig Plot

Ludwig Plot
Manga Page
Prince Ludwig is next in line to take over his father's throne. His father on the other hand is reluctant to hand over the kingdom to his son until he marries. He is forced to leave the kingdom with his attendant, Wilhelm, to find a suitable princess. Along the way he runs into various fairy tale legends such as Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel, and various others. Here is a summary of each Fairy Tale Chapter.

Ludwig and Snow White

Ludwig Manga Review
Ludwig and Snow White
Ludwig's first encounter is with the famous Snow White. Her mother is very jealous of her because her father loves her so much. Yes, so much. Her mother attempts to kill Blanche (Snow White) by having a servant kill her and bring her liver back. Blanche gets away and finds the Dwarves. While her mother is attempting to assassinate her, Blanche uses them as shields. Finally her mother gives her the poisoned apple and she fell asleep. Ludwig wakes her up and takes her home. Ludwig's father takes over her country and even takes her away from Ludwig. Soon Blanche finds out Ludwig's real secret, he is a necrophiliac.

Ludwig and Little Red Riding Hood

Ludwig Manga Review
Little Red Riding Hood
Lisette was a young girl from Wilhelm's village. She always wanted a red hooded cape. She was Wilhelm's best friend until Ludwig came along. Wilhelm always did stuff for her and Ludwig was mad at the fact that she used him. He sets her up by scaring her into to thinking her parents sold her. She goes back to her house and ends up killing her parents. She gets the name Red Riding Hood and follows Ludwig around attempting to kill him. She is a hired assassin by profession.

Ludwig and Sleeping Beauty

Ludwig Manga Review
Sleeping Beauty
Ludwig comes across Sleeping Beauty, or Friederike, during his travels. When she was born her parents invited twelve witches to the shower to give their blessings. There were actually thirteen and the last witch was not invited because they only had twelve plates. Ludwig Finds her and wishes to make her his wife. He finally realizes it is impossible because when she awakes, she will be her proper age... dead. Here Ludwig meets the witch, Dorothea, whom falls madly in love with him. She follows Ludwig around, trying to get him to fall in love with her.

Ludwig and Bluebeard

Ludwig Manga Review
Bluebeard is a fearful prince looking for his princess. The only thing is, he wears a fake beard to scare others. He is really a very sensitive prince, but the beard gives him the illusion he is strong. He too i in search of a bride. He has been writing one princess but sent her a picture of Ludwig saying it was him. Ironically when he received a picture of her, the face was ripped off in a carriage accident. Ludwig agrees to meet her but only if Bluebeard eventually tells her the truth. The princess has a few tricks up her sleeve as well.

Ludwig and Rapunzel

Ludwig Manga Review
Ludwig finally goes to princess Rapunzel. Here he meets Dorothea again posing as a different person. She has actually imprisoned Rapunzel here after taking her from her parents. She keeps Rapunzel locked away in the tower. Rapunzel has secretly sneaked a prince in from a neighboring country everyday. He is madly in love with her and intends to marry her. Soon he and Ludwig eventually find out why Dorothea locked Rapunzel in the tower.

Ludwig and Maid Maleen

Ludwig Manga Review
Maid Maleen
Maleen and her maid have been trapped in a tower for years now awaiting her father to release her. When Ludwig and Wilhelm finally arrive at the tower they release Maleen and her maid. Ludwig thinks Maleen is perfect for him, but there is one problem... Maleen is dead. Her father's kingdom was overtaken and destroyed years ago. Maleen and her maid both died in the tower.

Ludwig and The Frog Prince

Ludwig Manga Review
Frog Prince Ludwig
Ludwig is now in the company of not only Wilhelm, but Dorothea as well. Curious he places a frog puppet on his hand that he happened to find in Dorothea's belongings. Dorothea explains that he can only get it off with a kiss of the first girl that saw him after he put it on. As he searches for the girl that happened to run into him right after he put the puppet on, Wilhelm is mistaken for a criminal called Iron Heinrich. The two are separated for a while during this chapter.

Ludwig and The Goose Girl

Ludwig Manga Review
Julius and Ludwig
Ludwig's father has fallen in love and will soon be remarried. He has also decided to give the kingdom to his soon to be adopted son, Julius. This news has yet to reach Ludwig and he is still on his journey to find a wife. Julius and his mother have a secret they are hiding though. Julius has hired assassins many times over to kill Ludwig and become king.

Ludwig and Hansel and Gretel

Ludwig Manga Review
Hansel and Gretel
Hansel and Gretel's mom left them in the woods for dead. When they finally figured out what happened, they ran into a house that smelled good. By this time, they were both so famished that they could not see that well. Gretel was nursed back to health while Hansel was tortured. A witch had killed the previous owner and was posing as her. They get away and take revenge on their parents. They came across Ludwig and became friends, of course they were young children at that point. They are both assassins now hired to kill their former friend Ludwig.

Ludwig and Cinderella

Ludwig Manga Review
Aschen lives with her three older half sisters. They boss her around all day and she loves it! Ludwig comes to her house to stay while he is in the town. The prince in that kingdom is holding a ball and has invited every female to attend. The three half sisters leave Aschen behind with Ludwig. Ludwig takes it upon himself to make Aschen go and meet the man of her dreams. Ludwig soon finds out that the prince is really trying to get a hold of Aschen to harm her.

Ludwig and The Goose-Girl Well

Ludwig Manga Review
Goose Girl at the Well
After hearing that his father is going to be remarried and is planning to give the kingdom to another child, Ludwig makes his way back home. He gathers Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel and now even his mother, yes his mother, to take back the kingdom from the new pests. Julius and his mother, Petronella, have plans to take over the kingdom. While Petronella's reason is a bit more evil and drastic, Julius has a more personal reason.

Ludwig and The Blue Light

Ludwig Manga Review
Blue Light
Ludwig travels to the Kingdom of the Blue Light to save Dorothea's soul. She once saved him and gave her life so he could live, now he is repaying her. He travels to the kingdom made of solid gold to find a spoiled king. He sets Dorothea free from this king and makes her human. Now she can live a normal life and maybe even get the prince to fall in love with her.

Ludwig is a really good version of fairy tales. While they are twisted and brutal at points, this is just a more realistic ending to the happy tales. Kaori Yuki really captured something with this manga. Her art style is really amazing and nothing more could have been done. She knows how to keep the audience's attention with not only her art, but her story. I recommend Ludwig to anyone who loves manga's! It really has a surprising ending and it is even opened for more stories.

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Overall Grade 10/10

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Summer Wars (Anime) Review

Summer Wars Anime Review

Summer Wars
Summer Wars
I was not sure what to think of Summer Wars. I really still do not know how I feel about the movie yet. If I had watched it in Subtitles I feel like I would have appreciated it better, but sadly I watched it in English.

Summer Wars Plot

Summer Wars Plot
Summer Wars revolves around a high school boy named Kenji Koiso. He is a very intelligent teen. His classmate, Natsuki Shinohara asks him to travel with her to her grandmothers 90th birthday. While he is there, a message comes through and asks him to solve a mathematical code. Not recognizing it, he solves the code and goes to sleep. He actually ends up solving the code to the OZ infrastructure. Being known as the avatar that destroyed OZ, Kenji must find a way to save it. He gets help from Natsuki's family.
Suddenly, Natsuki's older cousin comes back into to town. His name is Wabisuke Jinnouchi. He is the creator of 'Love Machine,' the creature that is taking over OZ. He comes back to spend time with his family and ends up helping Kenji take down his creation.

Summer Wars Characters

Summer Wars Characters
Characters of Summer Wars
There are really a lot of characters in Summer Wars. I am only going to mention the ones crucial to the story line.
Kenji Koiso is the main character. He is a very intelligent student and very handy with programs. He is very clumsy and always seeming to get into unnecessary trouble. His friend, Natsuki Shinohara, us the other main character of the movie. She is the popular girl type and is on her way to visit her great grandmother. She is in love with Wabisuke which is her older second cousin. He creates "Love Machine" that ends up taking down OZ with Kenji's help. He was forced to leave his home several years ago and only recently came back. Kazuma Ikezawa is aNatsuki's younger cousin. He is actually a very powerful character in OZ called King Kazma.

Summer Wars the World of OZ

Summer Wars the World of OZ
The World of Oz
 Oz is basically a virtual reality world in which games, show, telephones, computers, well everything is connected. It is a like an ultimate Internet area. If OZ shut downs, everything shuts down. The world of Japan is basically living off of OZ. Here avatars are created that would best suit your personality.

 Summer Wars was not all it was hyped up to be. When ever I asked somebody about this anime, everyone said it was great. Even all the critics and magazines say it was great. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time was a good, so I figured Summer Wars would be as well. To me, it really was not good. Like I said it could have been because I watched it in English, but I really do not think that is what it was.

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Overall Grade 5/10

Darker Than Black (Manga) Review

Darker Than Black Manga Review

Darker Than Black Manga Review
Manga Cover
Reading the first Darker Than Black, I had no idea what to expect. I knew it was a popular anime, but I did not know what about. I must say, I was impressed with it. Darker Than Black makes you think about what you would have to give up in order to gain incredible power.

Darker Than Black Plot

Darker Than Black Plot
Darker Than Black revolves around a girl named Kana Shinoh. Her father has recently died, and she is still struggling with the death. That is until one day she sees her father in the busy streets. Unknown to her, he has become a Contractor. She begins to follow him to learn what happened and why he will not see er. She ends up being saved by another Contractor, Hei. The real reason why Hei is helping her, is because he needs to find out what happened to his sister. Will Hei and Kana find out the truth behind Kana's father and the mysterious sister of Hei?

Darker Thank Black Characters

Darker Than Black Characters
Characters Hei and Kana
Hei is the main character of Darker Than Black. He is also called BK201 and the Black Reaper. He is a very strange Contractor with the ability of Electricity. Kana is the other main character of the manga. She is just a normal human being only trying to find her father. Musik is a mysterious character that Hei hopes will lead to his sister.
The other characters of Darker Than Black include Krang, Shizuma, Kanon, and  Dale. They are all part of the Wiegenlied. Shizuma and Dale are both contractors, Shizuma with water power and Dale with mud like abilities. Krang and Kanon are Dolls. Krang has the ability to resonate items until they crumble. He is the leader of Wiegenlied. Kanon is a medium and can only use this ability through mobile phones.

Darker Than Black Contractors

Darker Than Black
Contractors are humans that have visited either Hell's Gate or Heaven's Gate. Doing so gives them super human powers. Each power is given out individually to humans who can take on the task. For this they give up the ability to feel emotions. Using their powers makes their eyes turn red and they have to give a payment. The must pay a price to use their powers. Either it be by eating a small round object every time or wearing ears while using the powers, a price will be paid. Hei seems to be the only Contractor with the ability to feel some emotion.

Over all, Darker Than Black was really good. Mostly only because there is a sequel. The first series is only two volumes long and does not explain that much. Not much is explained until the second series. It seems to be a more up to date version of X-Men.

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Overall Grade 7/10