Monday, June 17, 2013

Live-Action Black Butler

The Live-Action Black Butler
Live-Action Black Butler
A live-action Black Butler is in progress right now. Kentaro Otani (NANA) and Keiichi Satou (Tiger & Bunny) started co-directing the film in mid April this year. The two have predicted the film coming out in early 2014.The film will be released by the Warner Brothers.
Live-Action Black Butler
Hiro Mizushima
Hiro Mizushima will be playing the role of Sebastian Michaelis. He played a similar role in Mei-chan no Shitsuji, a play inspired by the manga. If Mizushima had refused to play the part, Shinzo Matsuhashi (producer) would not have gone on with the film. He stated that Mizushima was the perfect person to play that part. Even the creator of Black Butler, Yana Toboso, would not give her consent to the live-action until she knew he had agreed.
Live-Action Black Butler
Yuka as Hanae Wakatsuki
Yuka, a singer, has been casted to play Hanae Wakatsuki. This character will be the aunt of the main character, Shiori. She watches over Shiori and aids her where she can. Yuka isn't the only actress to get the part as an original character in the live-action Black Butler. Mizuki Yamamoto, a fashion model, is playing Lin. Lin is the maid of the Phantomhive mansion.
Live-Action Black Butler
Shiori and Sebastian

The live-action Black Butler has a lot changes to the story as well. The plot is set in Asia 2020, 130 years after Ciel. A female Phantomhive has inherited the Funtom Company. She presents herself as a man and looks a lot like Ciel. Her name is Shiori Genpo. She faces many challenges as a female in the business world

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Automatic Angel Manga Review

Automatic Angel
Level's are Chapters
Automatic Angel was a cute, but sad manga to read. While the story follows a robot girl it tells the trials that a young teenager goes through. Fighting for love or sibling rivalry it always keeps you reading.
The Plot of Automatic Angel

Automatic Angel
Automatic Angel is about an android created by Urushibara Kouichirou. Her name is Serika. She is the first android created by man. The project may be ran by him, but his assistant, Haruhara Asame is the reason behind the funding. Her father is a very rich man and funds the project. Serika goes to school like a normal teenager. She is even captured by a classmate at one point and gets amnesia. Urushibara goes through great obsticles to get her back.

Later on in Automatic Angel, Serika asks for a brother. She says that all her female classmates are always talking about their older brothers. Asame is asked by the doctor to create her dream guy. Since her dream guy is Urushibara, she creates a knight in shining armor. He constantly points out to Serika he is the superior android.

Urushibara is asked by Asame's father to marry her. He is basically forced to marry her or lose his funding. When Serika hears the news of this, her robotic heart explodes. While fixing her, Subaru insists on deactivating her emotions or this could happen again. Urushibara must decide on whether to have his dream project or his dream girl.

The Characters of Automatic Angel

Automatic Angel
Haruhara, Doctor, and Serika
Automatic Angel has a lot of relatable characters. You are able to meet each character individually throughout the manga. Serika is the main character and first android created. She has the ability to feel as a human. The doctor treats her like a queen. He is infatuated with her on an android level. She is his dream. Haruhara is in love with the doctor and does anything he says. Subaru is the second android created and wishes to please every female in life. The supporting characters are minimal and really don't recur that much. They are not really memorable.

The Art of Automatic Angel

Automatic Angel
The Art
The art of Automatic Angel is a lot like Peach. It's the cutesy girl manga that everyone wants to read. The characters are drawn cutely and you never want anything bad to happen.
Automatic Angel was a very good manga and I loved the story. It was a very sad ending though but worth the read. It is a quick read even though it is rather wordy. I definitely recommend Automatic Angel.

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Overall Grade 7/10

Death Trance Manga Review

Death Trance
Death Trance
Death Trance was an interesting manga in many ways. Between the plot, characters, and even the art, it mesmerizes you until the end. The only bad thing about it, the manga ends. The ending is leading into the live-action movie Death Trance.

The Plot of Death Trance

Death Trance
Volume 1 Cover
The plot of Death Trance is about a village in the middle of the woods. Hatena lives in te woods and kill anyone who crosses into them. A monk comes to visit the village and the people are perplexed on how he got through. He is actually on a secret mission to destroy the goddess of destruction. The village leader, Shirayuki, leads him to Grave. Grave is a warrior which was taken in by the village when he was found in the woods at a young age.
At a point in Death Trance, Shirayuki dies and leaves behind the village. She leaves Zen in charge of leading the villagers out of the forest. The monk, Zen, and Grave destroy the Hatena and allow a free and safe passage through the forest. The monk returns to his temple to find his people dead and the coffin of the goddess of destruction gone. From here the story is continued in the movie.

The Characters of Death Trance

Death Trance
Manga Page
The charters in Death Trance are your basic village type characters. There is Shirayuki, the village leader and a caring woman. Zen is the villages protector. He is also in love with Shirayuki. Grave is the lonesome warrior only looking for a fight. The monk is there to balance out the fighting spirits and make them more calm. The supporting characters add the spices of the village life in Death Trance. You have the funny old and wise warrior. There is also his pupil which fights with Zen often over who is stronger.

The Art of Death Trance

Death Trance
Beautiful Artwork
The art of Death Trance actually helped set the tone of the manga. The strokes of the line make it seem as if you are looking at a Japanese Ink Painting. Kana Takeuchi did a wonderful job on the artwork in Death Trance.
Death Trance was a very interesting manga. The story was great and had a lot of awesome fight scenes. It is one I recommend if you want to read a quick manga.

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Overall Grade 7/10

Monday, June 3, 2013

Dragon Ball Z: Rock the Dragon Edition

Dragon Ball Z Rock the Dragon Edition DVD
Dragon Ball Z
DVD Box Set
Funimation has announced a new DVD release version of Dragon Ball Z. This release will include the first 53 episodes as well as three movies. The three movies include Dead Zone, The World's Strongest, and The Tree of Might. This will include the original broadcast of Dragon Ball Z on nine separate DVDs.

The Dragon Ball Z Rock the Dragon Edition is said to be released in August on the 20th. The special features will include 48 page art book that will include character info, history, and other various DBZ fan stuff. The art book is said to in a hard back cover. It will also include never before release features as well as the original Canadian cast and the original "Rock the Dragon" opening theme song.

When the Dragon Ball Z Rock the Dragon Edition is released, it is said to be $99.98. It will be well worth the price to the original DBZ fans. The newer version of the English Dubbing was not at all a good version. They should have just stuck to the original. I know I will be picking p a copy for myself!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Kiki's Delivery Service Goes Live-Action

Kiki's Delivery Service News
Kiki's Delivery Service
Book Cover
Kiki's Delivery Service was originally written by Eiko Kadono. Since then, Hayao Miyazaki and Ghibli Studio made the story famous by making it into an anime movie. Fans of Miyazaki were happy to hear that Takashi Shimizu, the director of The Grudge and Ju-On, has set out to recreate the story once more.
The new live-action movie of Kiki's Delivery Service is said to be an adaption of the first two original books, not the anime by Miyazaki. The story follows the adventures of a younger witch, Kiki, and her faithful companion cat, Jiji. Kiki will be played by a 16 year old actress, Fuka Koshiba. A photo of Koshiba in costume has been released over the internet via Twitch.
Kiki's Delivery Service
Fuka Koshiba in Costume
Kiki's Delivery Service the live-action is said to be released in Japan in 2014 around spring time. I know I will be waiting for this film to come out!