Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Anime Amino: The Otaku App

The Perfect Anime (Amino) App

Anime Amino
The Otaku's App
I find myself using this anime app more and more every day. Anime Amino is the perfect place for Anime lover's to get together and talk about, well, Anime! Here people can discuss many things from cosplay ideas to greatest anime ever. Finding your way through the app is easy. It is addicting though. The urge to follow everyone is hard to fight as well. This is of course only available on Apple products.

The Anime Amino Menu

Anime Amino
Discover Others
The app opens up to a news feed. Here you can access the popular stories or see what your friends are posting. You also have the ability to get involved in discussions. One user may ask what your favorite anime is and why. There is one section that allows you check your own profile and any emails or notifications. To get to this you must slide from the left side. Here you have the news feed, discover, discussions, and membership. Since you open up on the news feed I won't re-discuss this one. Discover is where you can locate other users around you. That is right, you can see who in your town is into anime. Maybe you can set up an anime club. Then you have the Discussion area. Here you have the choice to discuss about up coming anime, anime series, advanced critic, manga, cosplay, anime music and AMVs, Japanese culture, Events, and even the Chinese fans have their own section. The Membership area is sill under construction.

Now that we talked about the that, lets get to the Profile section. When you click on your picture you are taken to "Me". This is where you can post a collection, blog, or check up on your discussions. A collection is something you can create that is either about an anime, a character, your latest drawing, an AMV, etc. You can literally put anything anime related that you like here. The blog is just a basic blog area. You just say what is on your mind. You can also link blogs and collections together. You can start your own discussions as well. If you click on your name at the top, it takes you to your page. This is where you can tell people a little about yourself. Most users include the anime and manga's they have completed. If you slide from the right, you also have the ability to save users you like the best. Maybe they always have great collections or they are great to debate with, whatever the reason you don't want to lose their username.

Anime Amino Reputation

Anime Amino
Anime Collection
Anime Amino wants you to keep a good reputation. Reputation is gained in this app when others follow you, comment on your discussions, interactions on other users discussions, etc. Basically it makes you stay involved in the community. You can not direct email or create a discussion until you have 50 reputation points. Reputation can also allow other users to see how well you keep up with the app. Why follow someone who never does anything?

Check out Anime Amino in the app section of your Apple products. You can also visit the Anime Amino website to see what the fuss is about. Hope to see you join soon, if you do look me up: Sabrina Murray.

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