Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Aincrad Castle

Sword Art Online Newest Website: The Aincrad Castle

The Aincrad Castle

I had always wanted to create a website dedicated to one anime. I had originally intended to create a Cowboy Bebop fan page, but soon decided to give my attention to another anime, Sword Art Online. I loved this anime and literally watched it back to back. Everyone seems to get hooked on the anime because of the first half. I also read the mangas and then started to read the light novels. I felt as though I was breathing SAO. My head was filled with so much knowledge of the anime, light novels, and mangas. So I decided to create The Aincrad Castle. I wanted to get the information out there of Sword Art Online and how great it is to watch... and read.

The Aincrad Castle News and Reviews

GGO's Sinon

You can find reviews of the anime and manga here for the moment. Soon reviews of each light novel and even each episode of the anime's will be up as well. I attempt to keep up with every detail of Sword Art Online II to keep you updated. Funny posts and meme's will also be available soon to those who like to laugh. I may be a bit harsh on the manga review due to the lack of plot line. The story is great, but just like the anime, it lacks a detailed account of the SAO arc. It seems to me that they should have done Sword Art Online as a full 26 episode series as well as ALfheim Online.

The Aincrad Castle Character Information


Characters are essential to the story. So who are the main characters and what are their special abilities? Find out all that information and so much more at The Aincrad Castle Character Information page. Please do not look at the character bios if you have not seen the anime or read the light novels as it will spoil some of the story. Soon there will be polls of best character costumes as well as favorite side characters and romances of Kirito. Find out who could be future anime characters like Alice or Eugeo as well.

The Aincrad Castle Anime, Manga, and Light Novel

Fairy Dance Manga Cover

There will soon be pages that will be descriptive of each anime, manga, and light novel. Here you will be able to find out information like guilds in SAO, what Nerave Gear is, and any known monsters from the SAO anime. A detailed listing of the Aincrad castle floors will also be available. Information of the manga's will also play a role in a future page as well as possibly getting the full manga on the website to read. Any other possible pages can include AMVs (mine as well as featured AMVs of others), featured reviews, debates, polls and games, and so much more.


Even though the website is still under construction, I hope to get many people to view the site. I felt as though the official American website was lacking a bit and the format was a bit weird to navigate through. Hopefully you will enjoy The Aincrad Castle and keep up with the new updates as well as the newest information on Sword Art Online II. So please stop by and visit The Aincrad Castle!

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