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Full Moon (Manga) Review

Full Moon Manga Review

Full Moon
A long time I had seen a picture of the Full Moon manga on the internet. I saved the pictures on my computer thinking it was so beautiful. Sadly I did not save the picture under the name of the manga, so I never knew what it was called. I had always wanted to read the manga ever since then. Years later I got a hold of the Gentlemen's Alliance Cross manga. I noticed the art work was similar and put two and two together. Full Moon is filled with surprises and doing a review without ruining anything will be hard.

Full Moon Plot

Full Moon
Mitsuki Singing
In Full Moon, Mitsuki is a twelve year old girl that lives with her grandmother. Her parents died when she was younger and was taken to an orphanage as a mistake until her grandmother took her. There she met a boy named Eichi. The two fell in love, but Eichi was taken from her when he was adopted by Americans. Not too long after her grandmother came into possession of her. She had always wanted to sing, but has cancer in her throat and singing makes it worse.

Mitsuki is able to see Takuto and Meroko which are Shinigami's. They explain she will die one year from that day and she runs away. She runs to a competition and Takuto and Meroko attempt to stop her again. Takuto feels sorry for her and transforms her into what will later be known to the world as Full Moon. She is able to sing with no problem in this sixteen year old state.

In this manga world, Shinigami were once humans that committed suicide. They are forced to forget their memories and wander in the underworld filled with regret. Mitsuki is different to them though. She helps them remember their past and each one is some how connected to her. Meroko puts up a shield around Mitsuki so other Shinigami's won't come and steal her soul.

Full Moon Characters

Full Moon
Left Top: Izumi, Meroko, Takuto, and Mitsuki
Mitsuki is the main character of Full Moon. She is a young child that only wishes to sing and find her true love, Eichi. She is a quiet and physically weak human, but she is a strong willed child. Takuto and Meroko come to take her soul. They are part of the children Shinigami unit. Takuto is a mysterious boy who had the talent of singing at one point. Meroko is even more mysterious. She is quiet and at times supports Mistuki and others she wishes to go ahead and take her soul.

The other characters that are prominent through out the series is Izumi, Oshige, and Wakaoji. Izumi is another Shinigami with something up his sleeves. He seems to have an alternate plan for Mitsuki. Oshige is Full Moons manager and good friend. She is secretly in love with Wakaoji. Wakaoji is the doctor that looks after Mitsuki. He seems to care about her a lot and for some reason wants to look after her.

Full Moon Art

Full Moon
Art of Full Moon
Like I said earlier, I first saw the art of Full Moon a while ago. It was intoxicating. The art work alone is worth the read. Mitsuki (and the other characters) have great wardrobes and excellent stances. Arina Tanemura is great when it comes to art and pulling you into the sotry that way. Even though the story plot alone is worth the read. The art is just a bonus.

Full Moon was a great story. The plot is sad and has a lot of twists in it. Event the side stories have twists you do not see coming. Reading Full Moon will make you think twice about what you say to someone, becuase you never know if it will be the last thing. I only wish it went on longer.

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Overall Grade 9/10