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Zombie Loan 101

Zombie Loan

Z-Loan Anime
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 Zombie Loan starts off a little slow. It takes a while to get into the anime, but it is well worth it when you finally do. The story takes a new perspective on zombies. Normally zombies are slow and only have one thing on their mind, human flesh. While Zombie Loan holds true to that side of the myth, they also put their own spin to the myth. Zombie Loan is a loan shop ran by Bekkou. He finds people that are about to die and makes a deal with them. They become a zombie that has to hunt and kill other zombies. These zombies can either be the flesh eating kind or the kind from Z-Loan.  

Zombie Loan Plot

Zombie Loan Plot
Zombie Loan's Plot

Michuru Kita can see when people are about to die. When people are about to die a ring shows up around their neck. As the time gets closer to their death, the ring becomes blacker. Michuru meets two boys from her school, Chika Akatsuki and Shito Tachibana, who have black ring around their neck. She goes to warn them, but through a series of events finds out they are zombies. Chika and Shito work at Zombie Loan with Bekkou. Michuru tags along with the two and helps them spot out rogue zombies. The story ends a little to early for me. Really it just ends. The main arch of Zombie Loan is completed a little but it could've gone on for a few more episodes.  

Zombie Loan Characters

Zombie Loan Characters
Characters of Z-Loan

The quality of the characters are very good. Zombie Loan offers a variety of characters but likes to stick to the usual ones. That is you have the shy girl, the cold male, and the hungry male. Every anime has a food nut and Zombie Loan is no different. The actors and actresses who play the voices fit the characters well. The animation is a more classical style (which I prefer) and the music was very fitting as well.


Overall Grade: 7/10.

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