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Darker Than Black (Manga) Review

Darker Than Black Manga Review

Darker Than Black Manga Review
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Reading the first Darker Than Black, I had no idea what to expect. I knew it was a popular anime, but I did not know what about. I must say, I was impressed with it. Darker Than Black makes you think about what you would have to give up in order to gain incredible power.

Darker Than Black Plot

Darker Than Black Plot
Darker Than Black revolves around a girl named Kana Shinoh. Her father has recently died, and she is still struggling with the death. That is until one day she sees her father in the busy streets. Unknown to her, he has become a Contractor. She begins to follow him to learn what happened and why he will not see er. She ends up being saved by another Contractor, Hei. The real reason why Hei is helping her, is because he needs to find out what happened to his sister. Will Hei and Kana find out the truth behind Kana's father and the mysterious sister of Hei?

Darker Thank Black Characters

Darker Than Black Characters
Characters Hei and Kana
Hei is the main character of Darker Than Black. He is also called BK201 and the Black Reaper. He is a very strange Contractor with the ability of Electricity. Kana is the other main character of the manga. She is just a normal human being only trying to find her father. Musik is a mysterious character that Hei hopes will lead to his sister.
The other characters of Darker Than Black include Krang, Shizuma, Kanon, and  Dale. They are all part of the Wiegenlied. Shizuma and Dale are both contractors, Shizuma with water power and Dale with mud like abilities. Krang and Kanon are Dolls. Krang has the ability to resonate items until they crumble. He is the leader of Wiegenlied. Kanon is a medium and can only use this ability through mobile phones.

Darker Than Black Contractors

Darker Than Black
Contractors are humans that have visited either Hell's Gate or Heaven's Gate. Doing so gives them super human powers. Each power is given out individually to humans who can take on the task. For this they give up the ability to feel emotions. Using their powers makes their eyes turn red and they have to give a payment. The must pay a price to use their powers. Either it be by eating a small round object every time or wearing ears while using the powers, a price will be paid. Hei seems to be the only Contractor with the ability to feel some emotion.

Over all, Darker Than Black was really good. Mostly only because there is a sequel. The first series is only two volumes long and does not explain that much. Not much is explained until the second series. It seems to be a more up to date version of X-Men.

Read Darker Than Black.
Support Darker Than Black.
Overall Grade 7/10

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