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Kimi Koi Limit (Manga) Review

Kimi Koi Limit Manga Review

Kimi Koi Limit
Kimi Koi Limit Manga Cover

Kimi Koi Limit is a Yuri Manga. That being said, it is also a shorter manga. The premise of this manga is basically a love triangle. Some one loves some one else, but they don't love them back. That person settles for another and still has feelings for the other one. Sounds like a Jerry Springer episode XD. It was a very cute manga though. The artwork was great and the characters were amazing as well. It is a bit risque at times but nothing too bad.

Kimi Koi Limit Plot and Characters

Kimi Koi Limit
Sono and Hiroko
Like I said, Kimi Koi Limit is a love triangle. Sono is a high school student in love with her classmate, Sato. She finally confesses her feelings, but Sato does not feel the same way. She wants to remain friends, but they lose contact after they graduate. A few months later, Sono is in a relationship with Hiroko. She has already slipped a few times and mentioned Sato and her feelings towards her. Hiroko basically took Sono in after she found her wandering the streets about to die. She had not intended to fall in love, but Hiroko could not resist Sono. All the while, Sono is freeloading at her place. Hiroko just happens to go to the same college as Sato. Sono runs into her eventually. At that time, they reconnect their old friendship. Sato starts to feel a certain way towards Sono as well. Soon they all find out about one another and Hiroko has to let go of Sono.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes romance mangas. It s a cute manga and you get to know the characters so well. I was really wanting Hiroko to win in the end, but she was just not enough for Sono. I also wish the manga had gone on a little longer. It seemed so short, but such a huge story to get out.

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Overall Grade 7/10

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