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Aquarian Age: Juvenille Orion (Manga) Review

Aquarian Age: Juvenile Orion

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Aquarian Age might be a hard manga to follow. Not that the story is hard to understand, but because of the fact that the manga skips around so much. For a manga that has only five volumes, Aquarian Age has a few to many characters. The manga is set up as if it was going to be a long running series only to end abruptly after the fifth manga.

The Plot of Aquarian Age

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Aquarian Age revolves around a group of high school students (and one teacher) whom are protecting a high school girl, Mana. Aquarian Age is a war that has been waging between five different factions. The Erasers, Darklores, Wiz-Doms, E.G.O., and Arayashiki make up these five factions. Each group has special abilities the others do not. Mana just happens to be a mind breaker, meaning she has the ability to control these people.

She first met Kaname when she was younger. Both of their parents were involved in this war, but did not want the same for their children. At a young age Mana's parents died and Kaname used his Darklore powers to protect her. She was moved quickly after that to another city. Seven years later she returns to her home town only to find Kaname wants nothing to do with her. She befriends a few people never realizing they are all part of the Aquarian Age. Naoya, Kaname's best friend, Isshin, Tsukasa, and their teacher Tomonori, all follow and protect Mana along with Kaname.

Mana vows to protect the ones that she loves and to survive the war. The only problem is... this is how the manga leaves off. Setting up for another scene and possible battle with another mind breaker, teh manga leaves off short.

Aquarian Age Characters

Isshin, Naoya, Kaname, Tsukasa, Tomonori
Mana is the main character of Aquarian Age. She is a mild mannered student who is arriving at her home town once again in life. She is a mind breaker with the ability to control people that are part of the Aquarian Age battle.

Mana has a group of followers that protect her. It consists of five guys. Kaname is an old friend of Mana that once saved her life. He is from the Darklore faction and is in love with Mana. He is a quiet person. Naoya is part of the E.G.O. faction. He seems to be the one with all the knowledge of the war. Isshin is part of the Arayashiki clan. He is a tough fighter and a gentleman. He is also in love with Mana. Tsukasa is an Eraser that has lost his memories. He is connected to Mana and Kaname's past life. He was taken in by Tomonori. He is part of the Wiz-Dom faction and Mana's teacher.

Aquarian Age Factions

Kaname the Darklore
There are five factions that are part of the Aquarian Age war. Each faction has their own special abilities. Some are more powerful while some are more defensive. E.G.O. is officially "Evolution Girls Organization." They have psychic abilities that are passed along to each female family member. Naoya is the only male exception. The Arayashiki have elemental powers. They also have the gods on their side and cast numerous spells. Wiz-Dom members use dark magic. This is the forbidden type of magic that has secretly been passed down from the west. Darklores are a mixture of legendary species from ancient times. These people are direct descendants of these creatures. Erasers are actually aliens. They may look as if they are seraphims, but they are only aliens. They are extremely powerful and have no mercy.

Aquarian Age is a good manga to read, but only if you can keep up with a bunch of different side stories. The base of the story was really good and I am sure the anime and card game are great. The manga just did not draw me in and keep my attention that well.

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Overall Grade: 4/10


  1. Thanks for a great review. Sounds like if you are going to tackle this series, you would do well to take notes so you can keep track of everyone.

    1. You really should. There are some unnecessary characters in the series as well.