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Neji Manga Review

Neji Manga Review

Kaori Yuki is a one of my favorite manga artist, so it is only natural to want to read all her stories. Neji is one that I wished had gone on a bit longer. The twists in the story were great and some I did not see coming at all.

The Plot of Neji

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Neji is basically broken into to three separate sections. Each section has their own story. The year is 2033 and a man named Neji has been revived. Neji died in 1992 alongside his lover. They were both cryogenic-ally frozen and were used as dolls in a the Gera project. Neji eventually escapes after he remembers some of his memory. It was to late for his snow white beauty which was killed by a scientist. A man named Luzer helps Neji to escape.

In the second section of the manga, it is some time later and Neji is trying to live a normal life. He gets involved with a woman named girl. She hides her name due to her past. She is trying to live a normal life as well. Neji gets her involved in his problems while she eventually does the same. Girl has an 'X' scar on her chest that her brother gave her and disappeared. Neji is fighting with a Gera revonant like himself called Batsu. Unknown to everyone, Batsu and Girl are brother and sister. They are finally reunited with Girl only to die minutes later.

The third section is about Batsu and Neji helping out a girl named Relyss. She is actually and android that went rogue and made all the other androids go rogue as well. Neji and Batsu come into contact with her thinking she is human and try to save her. The forces chasing them eventually catch up and let them know that she is an android. Even though Neji knows this, he still wishes to save Relyss noting that every intelligent creature deserves the right to live.

There are alot of twists I left out of the plot so I would not ruin the story.

The Characters of Neji

Neji and Batsu
Neji is the main character. He is a revonant. He was once dead but brought back to life to serve and a puppet in the Gera project. He is a strong willed person and tries his best to save the one he loves. Batsu is the second major character. He is also a revonant and was reborn after Neji. He is more obedient and he believes Gera has his sister. His sister is Girl, a woman that Neji meets and works for at one time. Luzer and Commander Sonia both work for Gera. Luzer is Sonia's puppet much like Neji and Batsu. Sonia is in charge of Gera and the serach for Neji. The other characters serve their purpose but since it is a short manga, you do not really get to know each character.

Kaori Yuki never ceases to amaze me. When it comes to the story she is amazing at telling it, but even more so in showing the art. Her artistic skills bring out the cyber-punk in her story and the lure of science fiction. Neji is jsut another work, that should have been longer.

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Overall Grade: 7/10

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