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Eikou no Te (Manga) Review

Eikou no Te Manga Review

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I had no idea what this story was about when I picked Eikou no Te out to read. I am really sad that Eikou no Te never really ended. It kind of just leaves things hanging. After the story of Midori and Mari, it just ends. I was disappointed, but it still is a really good read.

Eikou no Te Plot

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In Eikou no Te Masumi is a high school student living in hard times. His parents are dead and he lives with his aunt and younger brother. He never really interacts with other people and has a great artistic ability. He starts having dreams about having his hand being cut off and other random dreams about demons and gates. An angel named Rubbi begins to follow him around saying he will protect him because he is the chosen one. He brushes him off and goes on about his daily life. Men dressed like rabi's begin to follow Masumi around. They start to open dimensions and using powers against Masumi. His angel comes to save him almost every time.

Midori Kamishiro and his sister Mari transfer to Masumi's school. He finds out they also have knowledge about the things that are going on. Midori teaches Masumi to use his powers properly. Mari and Midori are also chosen children. Masumi has to decide if he wants to use his power to save earth or destroy earth.

Eikou no Te Characters

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Masumi is the main character of Eikou no Te and a very quiet student. He only cares for his little brother. His guardian Rubbi is an angel that was created by true angels to go to earth. He is only meant to serve the chosen child and take care of things when needed.

Midori and Mari are chosen children as. They were experimented on after they failed to open the gates of Heaven. Mari can not die and Midori has special powers. Midori wishes to end his sisters life thinking it is a cruel life to live.

Eikou no Te Artwork

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The artwork is what really draws you into this manga. The art of Eikou no Te is truly amazing. It honestly reminds me Angel Sanctuary a little. The attention to detail in the character is what really makes them come alive. The artwork of Rubbi and Elle are really interesting and the story behind them is as well. The characters are not the only good art though. The scenes inside the gates were really cool as well. The look of Midori's body how it bubbles and all is really detailed.

Eikou no Te is really a good short read. The story really nevers end. it leaves it open but not really hanging. I would recommend this manga especially to look at the art. The plot was really good and well thought out, but there really needed to be a change of scenery. It seemed like the whole manga was based in the back of an alley.

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Overall Grade 4/10

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  1. It always impresses me how real the manga characters looks