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Gravel Kingdom (Manga) Review

Gravel Kingdom Manga Review

Gravel Kingdom
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I love Kaori Yuki's art style, so of course I had to e read Gravel Kingdom. I really did not know what to expect from this manga, but I felt like I had heard the names before. Her character names in Gravel Kingdom are really similar to Angel Sanctuary. This really didn't bother me though. She always has great art and a great plot to make up for anything that may not seem right.

Gravel Kingdom Plot

Gravel Kingdom
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The Kingdom of Time is placed in an ever growing desert. Within this desert is a cursed people called Sand Biters. They lure humans into the desert and kill them. A young prince, Kirameki, is about to be given the throne against his wishes. He only wants to be like his guard and best friend Kanai. His childhood friend, Worry, is about to become the reincarnation of the water goddess, Serifita. To save her and to be able to see her again, Kirameki must take the throne. The only problem is, Saga. He is his half brother and true heir to the throne. Saga comes from no where and has his own plans to take over the throne and take vengeance on the kingdom.

Gravel Kingdom Characters

Gravel Kingdom
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Kirameki is the main character of Gravel Kingdom. He is the young prince and a bit rebellious towards his fate. He is hard headed and protective of his loved ones. Kanai is Kirameki's servant and best friend. He vows everlasting protection to Kirameki. Worry is a childhood friend of Kirameki and was sold by her parent to the holy place as a priestess. Saga is Kirameki's half brother and has a lot of animosity towards the kingdom. He takes revenge for his dead mother.

Gravel Kingdom was a good short story to read. The story could have gone on for longer but I understand why it was short. Kaori Yuki always gives a great manga to read, even if it a short one. He short stories always seem to be lacking a good thick plot. They mainly only stick to one story and that is all. I would recommend reading Gravel Kingdom if you are a Kaori Yuki fan.

Read Gravel Kingdom.
Support Gravel Kingdom.

Overall Grade 8/10

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