Monday, June 3, 2013

Dragon Ball Z: Rock the Dragon Edition

Dragon Ball Z Rock the Dragon Edition DVD
Dragon Ball Z
DVD Box Set
Funimation has announced a new DVD release version of Dragon Ball Z. This release will include the first 53 episodes as well as three movies. The three movies include Dead Zone, The World's Strongest, and The Tree of Might. This will include the original broadcast of Dragon Ball Z on nine separate DVDs.

The Dragon Ball Z Rock the Dragon Edition is said to be released in August on the 20th. The special features will include 48 page art book that will include character info, history, and other various DBZ fan stuff. The art book is said to in a hard back cover. It will also include never before release features as well as the original Canadian cast and the original "Rock the Dragon" opening theme song.

When the Dragon Ball Z Rock the Dragon Edition is released, it is said to be $99.98. It will be well worth the price to the original DBZ fans. The newer version of the English Dubbing was not at all a good version. They should have just stuck to the original. I know I will be picking p a copy for myself!

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