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Death Trance Manga Review

Death Trance
Death Trance
Death Trance was an interesting manga in many ways. Between the plot, characters, and even the art, it mesmerizes you until the end. The only bad thing about it, the manga ends. The ending is leading into the live-action movie Death Trance.

The Plot of Death Trance

Death Trance
Volume 1 Cover
The plot of Death Trance is about a village in the middle of the woods. Hatena lives in te woods and kill anyone who crosses into them. A monk comes to visit the village and the people are perplexed on how he got through. He is actually on a secret mission to destroy the goddess of destruction. The village leader, Shirayuki, leads him to Grave. Grave is a warrior which was taken in by the village when he was found in the woods at a young age.
At a point in Death Trance, Shirayuki dies and leaves behind the village. She leaves Zen in charge of leading the villagers out of the forest. The monk, Zen, and Grave destroy the Hatena and allow a free and safe passage through the forest. The monk returns to his temple to find his people dead and the coffin of the goddess of destruction gone. From here the story is continued in the movie.

The Characters of Death Trance

Death Trance
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The charters in Death Trance are your basic village type characters. There is Shirayuki, the village leader and a caring woman. Zen is the villages protector. He is also in love with Shirayuki. Grave is the lonesome warrior only looking for a fight. The monk is there to balance out the fighting spirits and make them more calm. The supporting characters add the spices of the village life in Death Trance. You have the funny old and wise warrior. There is also his pupil which fights with Zen often over who is stronger.

The Art of Death Trance

Death Trance
Beautiful Artwork
The art of Death Trance actually helped set the tone of the manga. The strokes of the line make it seem as if you are looking at a Japanese Ink Painting. Kana Takeuchi did a wonderful job on the artwork in Death Trance.
Death Trance was a very interesting manga. The story was great and had a lot of awesome fight scenes. It is one I recommend if you want to read a quick manga.

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Overall Grade 7/10

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