Monday, June 17, 2013

Live-Action Black Butler

The Live-Action Black Butler
Live-Action Black Butler
A live-action Black Butler is in progress right now. Kentaro Otani (NANA) and Keiichi Satou (Tiger & Bunny) started co-directing the film in mid April this year. The two have predicted the film coming out in early 2014.The film will be released by the Warner Brothers.
Live-Action Black Butler
Hiro Mizushima
Hiro Mizushima will be playing the role of Sebastian Michaelis. He played a similar role in Mei-chan no Shitsuji, a play inspired by the manga. If Mizushima had refused to play the part, Shinzo Matsuhashi (producer) would not have gone on with the film. He stated that Mizushima was the perfect person to play that part. Even the creator of Black Butler, Yana Toboso, would not give her consent to the live-action until she knew he had agreed.
Live-Action Black Butler
Yuka as Hanae Wakatsuki
Yuka, a singer, has been casted to play Hanae Wakatsuki. This character will be the aunt of the main character, Shiori. She watches over Shiori and aids her where she can. Yuka isn't the only actress to get the part as an original character in the live-action Black Butler. Mizuki Yamamoto, a fashion model, is playing Lin. Lin is the maid of the Phantomhive mansion.
Live-Action Black Butler
Shiori and Sebastian

The live-action Black Butler has a lot changes to the story as well. The plot is set in Asia 2020, 130 years after Ciel. A female Phantomhive has inherited the Funtom Company. She presents herself as a man and looks a lot like Ciel. Her name is Shiori Genpo. She faces many challenges as a female in the business world

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