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Automatic Angel Manga Review

Automatic Angel
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Automatic Angel was a cute, but sad manga to read. While the story follows a robot girl it tells the trials that a young teenager goes through. Fighting for love or sibling rivalry it always keeps you reading.
The Plot of Automatic Angel

Automatic Angel
Automatic Angel is about an android created by Urushibara Kouichirou. Her name is Serika. She is the first android created by man. The project may be ran by him, but his assistant, Haruhara Asame is the reason behind the funding. Her father is a very rich man and funds the project. Serika goes to school like a normal teenager. She is even captured by a classmate at one point and gets amnesia. Urushibara goes through great obsticles to get her back.

Later on in Automatic Angel, Serika asks for a brother. She says that all her female classmates are always talking about their older brothers. Asame is asked by the doctor to create her dream guy. Since her dream guy is Urushibara, she creates a knight in shining armor. He constantly points out to Serika he is the superior android.

Urushibara is asked by Asame's father to marry her. He is basically forced to marry her or lose his funding. When Serika hears the news of this, her robotic heart explodes. While fixing her, Subaru insists on deactivating her emotions or this could happen again. Urushibara must decide on whether to have his dream project or his dream girl.

The Characters of Automatic Angel

Automatic Angel
Haruhara, Doctor, and Serika
Automatic Angel has a lot of relatable characters. You are able to meet each character individually throughout the manga. Serika is the main character and first android created. She has the ability to feel as a human. The doctor treats her like a queen. He is infatuated with her on an android level. She is his dream. Haruhara is in love with the doctor and does anything he says. Subaru is the second android created and wishes to please every female in life. The supporting characters are minimal and really don't recur that much. They are not really memorable.

The Art of Automatic Angel

Automatic Angel
The Art
The art of Automatic Angel is a lot like Peach. It's the cutesy girl manga that everyone wants to read. The characters are drawn cutely and you never want anything bad to happen.
Automatic Angel was a very good manga and I loved the story. It was a very sad ending though but worth the read. It is a quick read even though it is rather wordy. I definitely recommend Automatic Angel.

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Overall Grade 7/10

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