Saturday, January 12, 2013

Anime Lego Review

I thought that doing some reviews on anime inspired projects would be a change up. We are looking at anime inpsired lego's today. Some of them are pretty cool and dead on to the characters! They know how to build with their lego's!

Akira by Flickr user SPARKART!
akira lego
This is a very excellent lego remake to start with. Everyone knows the iconic Akira poster. This looks like a very easy anime lego to set up. I'm sure it was a lot harder to put together though. This lego remake of the anime Akira is dead on to the original picture. Fans everywhere are enjoying it, I'm sure! 10/10

Gundam Heavyarms by Evil-Cozmo
gundam heavyarms lego
This looks like it was a very tough one to put together. A lot of time and planning went into this. This is an anime lego remake of the gundam heavyarms from Gundam Wing. The sword on the right arm is an excellent touch and really makes this a beauty! 9/10

Cowboy Bebop Swordfish by Vansize32
swordfish lego
This is definately my favorite out of the bunch! This is so delicately made. It is detailed to even the cockpit. Having a spike lego figure to go with this one would make it perfect! They should definately mass produce these! 10/10

by Jgzipper5
pokemon lego

by Filip Johannes Felberg
pokemon lego lot
Both of these sets were greatly done. The top one was made a lot better though (probably spent more time) as the bottom picture is made more cutely. The pokemon lego lot is cutely done because of how they were made. They were made to be all one size and very cleverly put together. Top 8/10 Bottom 8/10

kiki lego
This was a very cute aime to start with and now this lego set makes it even more adorable. The fact that a lego person was not used to make this, makes it even more awesome. This is a very well put together anime lego set! 9/10

DBZ Characters
dbz lego
I like how they made alot of the characters and not just the main characters. The hair looks as though it would the hardest part to accomplish. Not a lot of legos come like that anyways. Having these as a lego set would be pretty awesome I would say! 9/10

While the human characters may look a little odd, the creatures in the background make up for it. This is a very well put together set. 8/10

Vegeta by
vegeta lego
I put this one here because I thought it actually looked quite well. This looks like it was made with nothing but original legos. The 'shoes' on the bottom make the whole outfit. The hair at the top is very odd looking indeed, but that is the only way to get hair like that with out making some of your own. 8/10

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