Monday, January 21, 2013

Why Watch Anime?

Why Should You Watch Anime?

why watch anime
Watching Anime can be an interesting and enjoyable thing to do. Anime has very different genres and plot lines to keep your attention. Finding a suitable anime to watch shouldn't be hard.

Anime Genres

anime genre
If you are into a certain type of genre, you should watch the anime genre of it as well. It keeps things interesting and new. There is a type of anime out there for everyone, yes everyone. You can find an anime genre from western to romance or western romance. It depends on your genre type.

Anime Plots

watch anime
If you like to enjoy great plot lines and twists, anime holds alot of them. Every anime has a big twist or a huge plot line that may make you cry or get angry. If you watch anime for great plots, then be prepared for anything. In some anime, the bad guy wins while in some no one wins. The plot isn't winning or not, but to make you think. If you watch anime, then you will expand you brain and knowledge in many things.

Learning Japanese

anime classroom
If you are really into Japanese culture and wanted to ever learn the language, you should watch anime. If you watch anime in Japanese with English subtitles, then it will help you to learn. You can also learn about their culture and history of Japan if you watch certain animes. Watching an anime involving a samurai generally has alot of Japanese culture values and what not due to their samurai traditions.


anime band
The background music in animes are, for the majority, well thought out and very beautifully put together. The music is normally instrumental unless it is the opening or ending of the show. Normally a band will preform the opening or ending song while a composer will preform the rest.


sailor moon manga
If you like reading comics books, then you should pick up a manga. A manga is drawn in the anime style and has the same type of plot lines and genres. A manga is a great way to get into anime if you don't like to watch tv.

Why Watch Anime?

watching tv
There are a lot more various reasons as to why you should watch anime, but those are the main points. Watching anime is a bad thing. It is not just for kids but also for teenagers and adults. Even some seniors like to watch anime, it just captures everyone's attention. Take some time out to watch an anime, whether it is a series or just a movie. Give it a chance, you may be glad that you did!

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