Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What is a Con?

What is an Anime Con?

If you are just getting into anime then you have heard people talk about conventions, cons, cosplay, and things along that nature. Anime conventions are very popular in the U.S.A. Many anime fans will go for the full three days getting a weekend pass. Anime conventions varies in cost and in size depending on the location of the convention.

Why Go to the Anime Convention?

Many people like to go and see the cool new things coming out, get good deals on things, or just to simply see the Q&A. Normally at anime cons they will show their new action figures or models that are going to be coming out in the near future. They will do screenings of new animes that have been anticipated. They will normally schedule shows and sometimes have a 24 hour 'theater.'

But seeing new things are not the only reason to go. Sometimes some people will have a booth set up for their store trying to get some new comers. You can get great deals on anime merchandise. You can also find some rare things at certain conventions. People may be selling custom made anime costumes or weapons.

The panel is sometimes the most waited for part. It is a chance for the fans to talk directly to people who are involved in an anime business. It may be a set of cast from an anime, the artist of a certain manga, or the musician. It is a great time to learn about new things coming out later in the year.
Some people go to dress up. This is called costume play or cosplay. They go to anime conventions to either enter costume competitions or just to simply dress up and watch others reactions. This is where alot of the custom made costumes and weapons go, to people who like to cosplay. It is always fun to get a group of people to go do something, but to dress up as an anime cast is pretty cool. Especially if you are in the right setting. It is fun to see how people will put a cosplay outfit together.

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You can also get information on anime video games or just regular video games coming out. Alot of people will to one for that reason alone. They may have a certain debut of a video game there, getting a different source of traffic. An anime convention is a great place for an anime artist to pick up some good deals on art supplies as well. There are a small few who will save their money for that section alone. I know I would!

Anime conventions are really great to go to, especially if you have an artistic side to get out. You can pick up some really good deals on some things and see the new animes coming out. Conversing with other anime lovers is another great reason to come. You may not have a lot of people who like anime around you.

Look up and see when an anime is coming near to you and go have fun. You do not have to go for the full weekend, but you may end up doing it anyways! Make sure you don't spend all your money though and look for the sweet deals as well.

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