Sunday, January 13, 2013

Play Arts Kai Spike and Vicious

spike and vicious
These two highly articulated action figures are the top of the line! They both have fully fuctioning arms and legs. They can be put into any position (basically) and have inter-changeable arms and accessories. Both of these Cowboy Bebop anime action figures are very well built figures. They are sturdy and can stand on their own easily.
Spike Spiegel
spike spiegel action figure
This figure stands 9 7/8" tall.
He comes with his handgun.
He comes with a total of five hands. Two for each side and another right hand to hold his gun.
cowboy bebop ssaf
spike spiegel acf
vicious seaf
This figure stands 9 7/8"
He comes with his sword and pet bird.
He has a total of four hands, two for each side, and another left wing for his bird.
vicious hands
Both of these figures are vrey well put together. They are made with every detail the character has through sculpting and the paint job. You can create any signature move these Cowboy Bebop characters have in the posters. Having a complete set of all the figures would complete this ultimate collection that Play Arts Kai would create. This is definately a set of collectables I want! 10/10

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