Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Final Fantasy: All the Bravest Review

Final Fantasy: All the Bravest
By Sabrina Murray
The Purpose:

The game Final Fantasy: All the Bravest takes a back seat with CG features. Final Fantasy: ATB has no story line or meaning to the game what so ever. The characters never develop as well. The point of Final Fantasy: ATB is to fight. The player goes from stage to stage fighting monsters and bosses from other Final Fantasy games. Some of the levels resemble that of other Final Fantasy games as well. The players gain experience and earn gil. Although there is no reason for the gil due to the fact that there are no gil-based shops in the game.

The Battle System:


The battle system in Final Fantasy: ATB is also laughable. It is nothing like the original Final Fantasy games. The player does not have the choice in which enemy they hit or which move they make. There is no order to the party at all and free to attack when their bar is filled. With the experience you gain, you can open up new party slots for your battle team. This will eventually create a huge party on the screen making things quite chaotic. In Final Fantasy: ATB you also gain weapons from battles as well.

The Cost:

The cost for this game is $3.99 for which you can buy for your iPad, iPod, or iPhone. They also take even more of your money by enticing you to buy characters from previous Final Fantasy games. They cost a dollar each and can add up to 35 new players. They come with their own powerful moves as well. Like the battle system, you don’t have a choice here either. It randomly picks you a premium character! Yes, randomly. They allow you to also purchase new levels of worlds to conquer.


The point of Final Fantasy: ATB is not for the fans, but the money. There are battles in here in which you need to purchase a regeneration hour glass making your characters regenerate quicker in battle so you can defeat the boss easier. If you don’t purchase them, then you will never win the battle it seems. Final Fantasy: ATB was made to get hard earned money out of Final Fantasy fans. While the nostalgia in Final Fantasy: ATB sounds awesome, it really is not worth the money.

Grade: 3/10

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