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What is Anime?

What Exactly is Anime?

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Japanese Animation is exactly that, Japanese cartoons. So what makes it different from any other cartoon show?

Cartoons are more or less directed toward children these days. They keep children entertained and sometimes even teach them. Anime, a widely used abbreviation for japanese animation, is directed mostly towards adults (young or old). There are major differences between anime and cartoons for children.
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The first difference is japanese culture. Japanese culture plays a huge part in anime. Japan is more relaxed about things such as violence and nudity. An anime can be very violent and have very twisted plots. (ie. Gantz or Fate/Zero). Others though will have more sexual content (ie. Tenchi Muyo!). The culture of Japan is seen in every anime in one way or another. Japanese culture plays another huge part by the art style.

The art style, the second difference, of anime came from Disney (basically). Toei, the first production company for anime, was trying to create a style close to the popular Disney movies. They attempted to mix the art of Disney and the Japanese art style as well. Doing this led to the eventual creation of todays anime. (Toei produced Dragonball and Sailor Moon)
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The third difference in anime is the story. The way that anime lays out the story of the show or movie is laid out for an adult to understand. There are some animes out there made specifically for children. Most of them, though, are intended to be viewed by some one with a higher level of understanding than a child. Anime is very real and doesn't hide the truth about things. Japan's culture is much the same way. They don't hide death or anything of the such. Thus the plot in animes are much different than that of other countries animation.

But still, what is anime?

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Knowing why anime is different plays a part to that question. Anime is made for all different types of people. There are many genres in the anime form. The genres range from sci-fi to western and romance to horror. Anime is much like the movie industry in America, there is something out there for everyone.

Anime is not just something to sit and watch to enjoy. It makes you think about things that you wouldn't normally think about. It is daring you to think a different way. Anime makes your mind expand on many different levels, teaching you more about life. It makes you question reality or question a lifestyle.

If you are wanting to expand your mind and see something new, anime is the way to go. Watching anime can teach you something you may not know about yourself. If not, then just watch it for the fun of it! Some animes are just made to be funny and meant to relax you. Watching anime is not just for children though.

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