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Akatsuki ni Tatsu Lion (Manga) Review

Akatsuki ni Tatsu Lion Manga Review

Akatsuki ni Tatsu Lion
Manga Cover
Akatsuki ni Tatsu Lion was just another short manga I read out of boredom. It was really good though. The story was sort of a mystery/romance genre. The main story was about a girl named Erina and her brother Takashi. Someone gets killed and th emystery must be solved. I was sort of reminded of Scooby-Doo when I read Akatsuki ni Tatsu Lion.

Akatsuki ni Tatsu Lion Plot

Akatskui ni Tatsu Lion
Manga Page
Akatsuki ni Tatsu Lion is about a brother and sister who have no one else but each other. Takashi leaves behind his high school sister to travel to Turkey. His sister, Erina is left behind with foster parents. The only living relative she has is Takashi. When she hears that her brother is involved in a murder, she can not believe it. She travels to Turkey in an attempt to find him and get his side of the story. The only clues she has is a random letter and a necklace she acquired from her brother. She follows the clues to find a terrible secret and even drugs.

Akatsuki ni Tatsu Lion Characters

Akatsuki ni Tatsu Lion
Erina and Alp
Since Akatsuki ni Tatsu Lion is a short manga, the character list is a bit slim. The main character is a female high school student named Erina. She is a quiet, but driven girl who only wishes to clear her brothers name. Sinclair represents the NPO "Hurriyet" in Turkey. Serifemika was Takashi's girlfriend and also works for the same organization. She seems sweet at first, but watch out. Alp is a mysterious man whom Erina actually relies on in the end. He has a secret of his own though.

Akatsuki ni Tatsu Lion was a really good short manga to read. It honestly was a good story. It was a bit sad towards the end, but it was needed in order to end properly. I would recommend anyone who likes a good romance story to read Akatsuki ni Tatsu Lion.

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Overall Grade 8/10

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