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Cristo - Orange-Eyed Messiah (Manga) Review

Cristo - Orange-Eyed Messiah Manga Review

Cristo - Orange-Eyed Messiah
Manga Cover
Cristo - Orange-Eyed Messiah is another short manga. It is a great read though. At first it seems like it would be a futuristic coming to manhood story. It really threw me off though. The art was another throw off. It seemed a little childish at first, but it was really just how the characters were.

Cristo - Orange-Eyed Messiah Plot

Cristo - Orange-Eyed Messiah
Manga Page
Cristo - Orange-Eyed Messiah is about a young boy trying to become his childhood hero, Cristo. Cristo was an SS class Sweeper, the best there was as well. Towa, the young boy, immediately went to the lower zones to kill Adyss' after passing the sweeper exams. There he meets Cristo, not knowing at first, and asked for him to train him. After realizing who Cristo is, Towa becomes involved in a fight. The fight is between Cristo and Kamura. The fight goes back to their very 'birth'. Another secret also lies deeply hidden in Cristo's mind.

Cristo - Orange-Eyed Messiah Characters

Cristo - Orange-Eyed Messiah
Bottom Left - Kamura, Middle Left - Aoki, Middle - Cristo (Kei), and Middle Right - Towa
Towa is the main character of Cristo - Orange-Eyed Messiah. He is a hard headed child following a dream. Cristo (Kei) is a quiet person, but an excellent fighter. Kamura is equal to Cristo and has a very different personality. And the final major character is Aoki. He is a very messy person and a doctor as well. Each character plays their role in story somehow. They each have a demon they are having and must overcome.

Cristo - Orange-Eyed Messiah Adyss and Sweepers

Cristo - Orange-Eyed Messiah
AN Adyss
The Adyss are creatures that have been showing up in the lower regions. People are trained to kill these creatures, they are called Sweepers. When an Adyss is killed they have nucleus that hardens and remains. Sweepers sell these to guilds to make a living. There is a deeper darker secret to the Adyss though.

Cristo - Orange-Eyed Messiah was a great short story to read. The characters are easily likable. The story itself has the right amount of information for you to know what is going on. There really is no fluff in this manga.

Read Cristo - Orange-Eyed Messiah.
Support Cristo - Orange-Eyed Messiah.

Overall Grade 6/10

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