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Saiyuki Reloaded (Manga) Review

Saiyuki Reload Manga Review

Saiyuki Reload
Manga Cover
Sayuki Reload is a continuation of The Sanzo's Party through Shangri-La. It starts off right where Saiyuki leaves off. There are of course new characters and new bad guys involved in the story. Koukaiji and there group rarely show up in this series.

Saiyuki Reload Plot

Saiyuki Reload
Hakkai and Goku
Like I said, Saiyuki Reload picks up from the end of Saiyuki. Sanzo, Goyjo, Hakkai, and Goku are traveling in Shangri-La to stop Gyumaohs awakening. This will bring peace to the Shangri-La area and to humans and Youkai alike. This series mainly focuses on Sanzo and a past enemy Ukoku.

A man named Hazel and his body guard Gat, go around to towns and clean up the youkai and the mess they make. He brings people back to life. These people will have yellow eyes and have a strong dislike of youkais. This causes a problem with Sanzo's three friends. When they find out who is behind it they challenge Hazel and Gat. Soon they travel the same paths but generally not together.

Ukoku is actually a friend of Hazel. He tells Hazel that Goku is a very strong being, not youkai or human. Ukoku tries to stir things up by attacking Goku. He is sending a message to Sanzo. Sanzo leaves his party and travels with Hazel and Gat for a while trying to find Ukoku. The two parties are always close together but never meet until the end of the manga. They all face Ukoku for a final battle and revenge.

Saiyuki Reload Characters

Saiyuki Reload
Hakkai, Hazel, Sanzo, Goku, Goyjo, and Gat
Saiyuki Reload contains basically every main character from Saiyuki. The main group consists of Genjo Sanzo, Goyjo, Hakkai, and Goku. Sanzo is a Buddhist high priest, Goyjo is a brash ladies man, Hakkai is a thinker, and Goku is a money god. They are all really different but work together well.

The characters of Saiyuki Reload is Hazel, Gat, and Ukoku. Hazel is a western priest. He has the ability to bring people back to life by using youkai souls. Gat is Hazels body guard. He is the only human killed by Hazel and therefore Hazel feels responsible for him. He constantly brings him back to life. Ukoku was given the Muten scripture but never the name of Sanzo. He feels resentment for this and thus he is a very cold character. He has a good personality surprisingly enough and can talk his way into anything.

Saiyuki Reload Scriptures

Saiyuki Reload
Muten Scripture at Work
In Saiyuki Reload there are scriptures that were given to different priests of the buddhist religion. These scriptures are very powerful together but not so destructive apart. These priests are called Sanzos, the scriptures are called Tenchi Kaigen Kyoumon. There are a total of five sutras. They are called the Maten, Seiten, Muten, Uten, and Kouten. The Maten is the scripture over evil and yin and is held by Genjo Sanzo. Genjos Sanzo also carries the Seiten scripture which is over holiness and yang. The Kouten is held by Sharak Sanzo and has the power over the unkown and infinite. The Uten scripture has the power over life and existence and is held by the Gyumaoh side. The Muten is held by Ukoku and has the power over death and nothingness.

Saiyuki Reload is a great travels tale. The story only gets better with each series for sure. I would recommend reading this manga if you are a fan of any Samurai or Buddhist manga.

Read Saiyuki Reload.
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Overall Grade 8/10

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