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Byakuya Zaushi (Manga) Review

Byakuya Zaushi Manga Review

Byakuya Zaushi
Manga Cover
Byakuya Zaushi consists of five different stories. The first four, Greeting, Burial, Fallen, and Invitation are more of the suspense genre. The final and longest story, The East of the Sun The West of the Moon, is a story of betrayal and forgiveness. Tooko Miyagi knows how to captivate a reader. He lures them in with tales and shows the true monster. Byakuya Zaushi is a great set of stories to read.

Byakuya Zaushi Suspense Stories

There are four suspense stories in Byakuya Zaushi. Each one is creepy in its own way.
The first story is called Greeting. A young boy comes to live in a village near a Forrest with his grandmother. He is the only child in the village due to an Oni. An Oni is a spirit that takes girls to create a doll. Regardless of his grandmothers wishes, he goes in the Forrest. The Oni lures the boy to her house. She compliments his legs and starts to second guess what is going on. The only problem is, the young female Oni isn't the one looking for his legs.
Byakuya Zaushi
Greeting and Burial
Burial is the scone story. It begins with three children killing animals in an abandoned warehouse. Years later two of the boys are killed while doing something that had to do with the warehouse. The last one reveals what is going on to an old friend, but it is to late for their childhood friend that only wanted to participate.
The third story, Fallen, begins with a high school band girl walking in the Forrest. A pack of foxes come and greet her, but they are not the usual pack. They are spirit gods looking for an offering. She attempts to give them food and tries to escape several times to get to band practice. Somehow she always ends back up with the confusing pack of fox spirits. They have a mission to complete an it involves her. Slowly she comes to realize the truth of the situation.
Byakuya Zaushi
Fallen and Invitation
The final suspense story involved is called Invitation. A young boy witnesses his older sister being drowned in a lake. The tale goes that a young girl was killed there because she was poor. Her spirit lures others to the lake and drowns them. He comes back home as a young adult years later. He can never escape the dream of his sisters death. His younger sister has researched more deeply into the story by this time. Some one they love pushes the person into the lake. The one that pushes the person in is later pushed in by some they love. His sister knows who pushed their older sister in and soon some one else ends up in the lake as well.

Byakuya Zaushi The East and The West

BYakuya Zaushi
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The final story in the Byakuya Zaushi is about a place called Menola and Tiberia. A tribe called Remulus is wiped out by the Tiberian army. The sister and survivor of the king goes to Tiberia to find the traitor. She is looking for a man with dark skin and light hair, like herself. She is in a time of racial controversy. She has to be careful so she is not killed. She takes up a temporary residence in a church. The bishop is very kind to her. Another member calls out the bishop and calls him a traitor. As another story unfolds, the Remulus princes remembers of an albino Remulus.
Byakuya Zaushi was a great manga to read. It was short and right to the point. The people's names are not even really worth mentioning at times it seems. Each story has a great twist and a great ending. Some may be sad but that is why it is suspenseful.

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Overall Grade 7/10

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