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Rustblaster (Manga) Review

Rustblaster Manga Review

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I had no idea what Rustblaster was about when I started to read it. I only wanted to read it because it was by Toboso Yana (Black Butler). I just love the artwork that Yana produces. The main plot is really not about them being vampires at all. It seems to be another manga about working together to achieve  goal. I feel as though I have read a lot of those here lately.

Rustblaster Plot

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Rustblaster about a vampire academy called 1000 Year Academy. Vampires go here to train and become real vampires, but they do not drink blood. They try to assimilate into the human culture. Each Vampire has their own Lineage Weapons. The only one who does not is a vampire named Aldred. He actually has a special weapon unlike any other. He has a human as a weapon. A spear was created a long time ago and sealed in a body to protect it. The vampire that can control the weapon can not have a Lineage Weapon. The true vampires threaten the academy's existence by breaking the gates to their world. Al must stop the true vampires from coming into the real world and destroying all he holds dear.

Rusbtlaster Characters

Rustblaster Characters
Aldred is the main character of Rustblaster. He is a very hyper young adult and only wants to protect his friends. He is also the leader of Team 6. His followers are Kodachi, Lydi, Faye, and Rengokuin. Kodachi is a female vampire who can incinerate her foes. Lydi is young female vampire with the power to use force fields. Faye is a male vampire with high regards to his leader Al. Rengokuin is not only the comedic relief but also the tech of the group. Kei is the only human in which is in the manga. He is the key to the spear that Al uses. Six and Seven are actual vampires that try to break down the gates. They are very powerful and have weapon similar to Al's.

Rustblaster Vampire Wars

So what is the whole deal with real and half vampires in Rustblaster? A long time ago vampires entered into the human world though the gates that the academy protects. Of course they came to feed off of the humans. When humans started to notice this, they began to kill vampires without hesitation on whether it was a child or woman or man. They fought them back and sealed the gates. Only the half lings were left. The ones who live side by side with the humans. They protect the gate.

The story was good and honestly Rustblaster should have been a longer manga. I feel as though the story would have not been rushed at that point. The plot is quick and not filled with a lot of details at first. The battles are short and some of the characters seem pointless at times. When the end of the manga arrives, though, everything comes together.

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Overall Grade 8/10

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