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Kamui (Manga) Review

Kamui Manga Review

Manga Volume One
The only reason I picked Kamui up to read was because the main character looked like Clamps character Kamui from X/1999. The story is actually a little (a little) similar. The only thing I hated was that it seemed the climax of the story hit a little early and it just declines very slowly from that point. It just seems as if they couldn't wait to get the secret out there. I will try my best to give a review while giving very little away.

Kamui Plot

The has been through a few shocks and monsters called Atanan attack cities often. NOA was an organization created a little before this devastation. There they experimented on humans attempting to reach the goal of a sorcery user. Now these humans use their ability to protect the people of the city. At the top if General Shiki and below him is Lady Sumire and Lord Hyde. They each have their own objective in the organization. Shiki is the only one who gets orders from the true boss.

Atsuma is a boy from the north. He traveled to NOA to find the okikurumi. The okikurumi is a god spirit that was stolen from his village. He is infused with another god called Kojomaru. He gets into NOA and becomes a student there. Lady Sumire was the one who insisted he joined. There he meets several people and becomes friends with a few of them. He soons finds himself fighting fot a new purpose.

Kamui Characters

Shiki, Atsuma, Aika, and Sumeri
There are alot of characters involved in Kamuu. I am only going to name the main characters from the story. Atsuma is obviously the main character. He is a very isolated and has an abusive past. He is only in a contract with Kojomaru to become free. He meets Lady Sumire in a fight with an Atanan. She is a wind master and is very fierce. She  uses men and does not consider the consequences at times. She is really only in love with one man though. Shui is a fire user in the NOA organization. He is a subordinate under Lady Sumeri and sees Atsuma as a younger brother. He watches over him and takes care of him. Aika is Lady Sumeri's assistant. She is very attached to her because she took her in when Aika was nothing. General Shiki is at the top of NOA. He is in love with Sumeri and keeps her as a caged butterfly in the building. Lord Hyde is a very evil character but he is short lived. His underling Yanagi brings him back to life. Yanagi is actually the puppeteer in the relationship.

Kamui NOA

NOA from afar
The NOA organization in the manga Kamui, was once a National Biological Research Center.NOA protected the city from the earthquake. Now it is under control of a new leader,. There they do research on guinea pigs. They test out power users and create them as well. NOA stands for Noble Offensive Academy. They protect the people from Atanan attacks. Here there are hundreds of students who are power users and are ranked by their ability. The supreme leaders are again, Shiki, Hyde and Sumeri.

The basic plot of Kamui is actually very simple. Everyone needs a person to lean on at times. Every character has been abandoned by a loved one or just by everyone. Every character comes to terms with the loss and handle it in a different. way. By the end of the manga, some end up happy while others end up empty handed. The power of a relationship goes a long way to anyone.

Read Kamui.
Support Kamui.
Overall Grade 7/10

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