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Clamp's School Detectives

Clamp School Detectives

clamp detectives
If you are a damsel in distress then the Clamp School Detectives will help you out. Made up of three elementary students: Nokoru Imonoyama (6th grade), Suoh Takamura (5th grade), and Akira Ijyuin (4th grade). The three Clamp Detectives also make up the Clamp School Elementary Division chairman, secretary, and treasurer.

The Plot of Clamp School Detectives

Clamp School Detectives
Detectives in Action
The Clamp Campus is not just a school, but is built to be a community as well. Over 10,000 people live within this Campus. It was created by the Imonoyama Family to create a better educational future. Any one is allowed into the Clamp Campus as long as you show potential or have an incredible talent.

The three boys are over the Elementary Division. Nokoru is the chairman while Suoh is the secretary and Akira the treasurer. The three are always planning school events and are constantly chased by admirers (of all age).

After helping a few females out, Nokoru decides it is his duty (and his friends) to help every girl in distress that they can. He creates the Clamp School Detectives Agency to solve problems of females in sad times. Through out each section, small mysteries are solved by the three. Either by finding a peacock or finding a box of chocolates. All along, Suoh always attempts to get the chairman to do his paperwork.

The Clamp School Detectives

clamp characters
Nokoru seems as though he would be a real ladies man... Which he happens to be! Every girl is always after him because he is cute, smart, and a real gentleman. He can be really lazy when it comes to School Division work, but will every ounce of energy to the Clamp School Detective Agency.
Suoh is a very quiet and cold child. The girls are still all over him though. He is always roped into helping Nokoru even though he knows the paperwork should be done. He is very talented when it comes to any sport, including martial arts.

Akira is a the cooking genius of the group. He is always bringing in food to the other two boys. He is a very energetic boy and is also really good at sports. Though he is the youngest of the three, he is still chased by the girls.

The character in Clamp School Detectives are well rounded and very believable characters. Each person leaves a great mark in the story and in your heart. They all act a lot older for their age, but that is why you get with a bunch of genius!

The Art of Clamp School Detectives

clamp art
Clamp never lets you down in the artistic section. Characters may look alike, but each one is drawn so delicately. The backgrounds are always so beautiful and detailed. When the you meet each character you get to see another beautiful creation. The outfits are mostly the same, since they do go to a school. While the students may wear uniforms, they do have free time in which Clamp Creators are allowed to express their freedom.

Clamp School Detectives is a great read. The story may seem childish since the main characters are in elementary school. The situations can be real though at times. Just stick with it and you will find out what these Clamp Detectives are made of!

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Overall grade 7/10

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