Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Socrates in Love (Book) Review

Socrates in Love
Socrates in Love
American Book Cover

Socrates in Love is a very sad, romantic story. Kyoichi Katayama is a genius in story telling. He really pours his heart into this book. Being the best-seller in Japan it was only time that it came to the U.S. Everyone should read this book, it really is heart-breaking.

The Plot

Socrates in Love is about Sakutaro, your average school boy with a crush. Aki is the popular girl in school, but with some luck the two go together on a school mission to see a friend in the hospital. They quickly become friends, never overstepping the boundaries of friendship. To get her attention, Sakutaro writes a letter to a radio station explaining that A.H. (Aki) has leukemia and he wishes to play 'Tonight' from West Side Story. He does this knowing Aki listens to the station.

As they become inseparable, Socrates in Love, takes a depressing fall. Aki becomes ill and is unable to go onto the school field trip to Australia. Sakutaro promises her she will be able to go someday. As she became more ill, that promise faded. Ironically she is diagnosed with leukemia. Sakutaro tries to keep the promise and brings her to the airport. She collapses in the airport and is rushed back to the hospital. She soon dies. Sakutaro must quickly deal with the feelings of sadness while approaching adulthood at the same time.

The Characters

Sakutaro is the quiet kid in class. He keeps to himself and is an average student. Aki is the same, but she is popular as well. The two share a love that no one could break. The friendship and relationship of the characters are very realistic. The true feeling of first love is in Socrates in Love.
Socrates in Love
American Book Cover

Socrates in Love is a story of boy becoming a man all to quickly. The story is real and doesn't cover the dark parts of life. Overcoming the fear of death from both people i a hard feeling to get over. Sakutaro manages to live his life after hearing his grandfathers story. Socrates in Love is a genuine book.

Overall Grade 9/10

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