Saturday, May 4, 2013

Creating Great AMVs

Creating AMVs

When first started watching anime I was also getting into music. Thankfully the two occurred at once and I was able to find some amazing AMVs. This also helped me expand my music taste. Watching AMVs are fun, but creating them is a whole more fun. When I started to create AMVs I used others as a basis of what I should be doing. Finding great AMVs to give you motivation can be hard. Here are a few that I was able to find when youtube was not even around.

Escaflowne Let's Get This Party Started AMVs

This was one of the first AMVs I had seen by NHMK. Every video of NHMK is awesome. Never letting you down when it comes to sequencing the music with the video. Picking a great anime is not the only thing you need to do. Like NHMK you need to make sure your characters line up with the song.

Dragon Ball Z By Myself Trunks Tribute AMVs

This is the first AMV I had seen. I loved the song and Trunks happens to be my second favorite character in the DBZ sagas. The history of Trunks was a great video to put to By Myself. This AmV was created by TysonForEveryone.

Final Fantasy This is War AMVs

This AMV actually inspired me to create my Supernatural Music Video. The song is amazing and what CodeX313 did with the video is also amazing.

Berserk Fight Song AMVs

Honestly I just found this video today, but NHMK knows exactly how to create AMVs. Again the song goes perfectly with the characters and the anime.

Gundam 08th MS Team 10th Man Down AMVs

This is my favorite song of Nightwish and Rubyeye just made it more amazing. This is definitely how Gundam AMVs should look like. The song is too perfect for Gundam 08th MS Team.  

When finding someone to look up to i the AMV world you need to make sure they have what it takes to be a great AMV artist. Do not just look for view counts on youtube, but also for the rating. Any AMV can have a lot of view counts, but only the best will have the ratings. It is also good to look for AMVs that have been around for awhile. Just pick someone who makes great AMVs and strive to be better than them.

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