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Miyuki-chan in Wonderland and....


Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland

Miyuki is your usual teenage girl, only she gets sucked into other worlds. Another short (really short) manga by Clamp. Miyuki is taken to six different worlds in this manga. Created to less loose Mokona's female character designs. This is an all female manga. No males are anywhere in here. Throughout each world, Miyuki always seems to get caught in sexual situations. Yes, this is a Yuri manga.

The Worlds

In the first world, Miyuki is taken to Wonderland. In the first scene she is running late somewhere. She comes across woman dressed as a bunny. Everywhere she turns is another character a twins, a cat, and a 'mistress'.

The second world is in the Looking Glass. Miyuki is brushing her hair in the mirror when she pulls herself into that world. She meets the Red Queen and the chess pieces.
TV Land is the third world. Here Miyuki is taken into the TV by a pair of legs. She is taken captive and eventually is rescued by an angel.

In Part-Time Job Land, Miyuki is forced to fight several different women at once. She gets far by avoiding them as they take each other out. Eventually Miyuki and another girl are left in the ring. Miyuki does not get much further.

After learning Mah-Jongg, Miyuki's skills are tested. She plays a game of strip mah-jongg with four other girls.

In Video Game Land, Miyuki must play a hero to get out of the game. She dawns armour and tries to defeat the enemies only to fail.

X Land is the work of X/1999. Miyuki is in the theater watching Clamp's X. She is mistaken to be Kamui and forced to choose the destiny if the earth. Only the females of X are present.

In each section she is basically stripped of her clothes by other women and dressed in something more erotic. Miyuki is just a poor girl trying to live her teenage life. Each section also ends in a loop.

The Characters

Miyuki is really the only character in the manga. The rest of the women involved are just random characters with the majority having no names. The story does not allow time for character development, not even with Miyuki. In each section you meet certain characters that never cross over to the next.

Miyuki-chan in Wonderland is just a manga to read if you are a fan of Clamp. I know I picked it up mostly for the X Land section. It is a decent read if you have nothing else to do. If not, then just look at the art, that alone is worth reading about Miyuki's life.

Read Miyuki-chan in Wonderland Here.
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Overall Grade 4/10

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