Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Anime Lego Review 2

Anime Lego Review

Today we are going to look at popular anime that has been turned into lego's. You judge these custom made anime legends. Anime makes everything better, and so do lego's. Combining them was genius.

Cowboy Bebop

This is the custom made Bebop Crew by Knaaker.


This lego creation by http://www.ozbricks.com/legostuff/ It is of Faye's ship the Red Tail.


By JL Custom Brick Studio

By FaintEndz on Flickr

Both of these are of Naruto from the famous anime. While both are very good custom legos, the top has the superior look. The bottom has the heart and soul though.


By mondemp3.com

While these have the heart and soul in them, they do not look all that great. When looking at lego's, you want them to look like lego's.

By NoFear24 
 These custom figures of the famous Bleach are actually on sale on eBay! They are done so beautifully and look really smooth. 

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