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Elfen Lied Manga Review

Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied
Manga Cover
Elfen Lied is a bit of a harem manga... Well it is a harem manga. Kouta has got to be chick magnet, literally. The setting is a slightly altered future where a new evolution of man has popped up. There are a lot of sexual type scenes in the manga, mainly due to Nyuu. The artwork is traditional manga style and the characters kind of remind you of Clamp's Chobits.

The Plot of Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied
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Elfen Lied is revolved around the story of Kouta. He recently moved into his aunts abandoned inn while he attends college. He runs into a dumbfounded young lady whom only says Nyuu. Him and his cousin, Yuka, takes Nyuu in and teaches her how to survive in the real world. Little do they know that Nyuu is really a very strong Diclonii named Lucy. She is a murderous creature and wants the extinction of Homo Sapiens.

All the while, Kouta takes in Muya, Nana, and the off and on Nozomi. All the characters are previously interwoven between one another. The two that share the darkest past is Kouta and Lucy. Everyone is after the horned girl or Nyuu throughout the manga. She is also naked throughout the manga with other various girls. Apparently Diclonii do not wear clothes.

The Characters of Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied Characters
Characters of Elfen Lied
Kouta is the main character of Elfen Lied. He is shy kid with a deep dark past. He seems to get caught in awkward positions with girls. He really never does anything wrong though. He is a gentleman and cares for Nyuu a lot.

Nyuu is a very clueless girl. She can not remember anything. She is secretly Lucy, a violent Dilonius with the intent to destroy mankind. Yuka is Kouta's cousin. She has been in love with him since childhood. She hates Kouta for forgetting his past and his promise to her.

Nana is another Diclonius which is keeping watch over Nyuu and Lucy. She is very shy and very caring. She does have a violent side though. Muya is a shy runaway that was sexually abused. Her and Nozomi, a passionate singer, are the only two humans with no prior history with the group.

The rest of the characters were done well, but not enough to make an impact with me. All the older male characters looked alike and little detail was paid attention to them.

The Diclonius of Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied
In Elfen Lied man has evolved into anew species, the Diclonius. These humans have the power to kill people with invisible hands and powers. They become violent by the age of three killing their parents. This is probably because they are violently researched on and made to do unspeakable things. The hatred for humans is a common feeling with Diclonii.

Elfen Lied is a great manga and has a great plot. Even though there are girls naked half the time, it isn't a bad manga. It is definitely violent and sexual though so beware. Elfen Lied will be a classic like Tenchi Muyo, Ah! My Goddess, and many others.

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Overall Grade 8/10

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