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Angels Coffin: A Historic Manga

Angels Coffin

Angels Coffin
Manga Cover
Angels Coffin is a manga based on the Mayerling Incident. It is a love story about suicide between the Baroness Vettsera and the Austrian-Hungarian Prince Rudolf. Angels Coffin is based on one of the many outcomes if the Mayerling Incident of 1889.

The Plot of Angels Coffin

Angels Coffin
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In Angels Coffin Marie Vettsera is set to marry another man, but is in love with the prince. She accidentally awakens a god-now-demon. Through a pact with another demon, Seto must cast despair on the human that awakens him. Marie's life is now going down the path of death. She asks Seto to live her life with Rudolf. He grants her wish, but secretly falls in love with her. All the while Rudolf is planning to over throw his dad (without killing him). He attempts to usurp his reign by working against him. In the end he drags Marie into and they plan to die together. Can Seto make it in time to save them?

The Characters of Angels Coffin

Angels Coffin
Main Characters
Marie Vettsera is a quiet, shy young girl and main character of Angels Coffin. She has a crush on the prince and intends to act on it. She is rebellious towards her mother and superiors when it comes to Rudolf. Rudolf is a prince and also rebellious towards his superiors. Even though he is already married, he loves Marie. He is constantly trying to save his country from the Germans. Seto was once a god, but made a deal with Baphomet. He must kill the first person which lets him out.

The Mayerling Incident of Angels Coffin

Angels Coffin
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Angels Coffin is based after historical people. In 1889, the Prince and Baroness were found dead in one of his chambers. There were no clues at why they died or if anyone killed them. Angels Coffin only takes the view of a suicide-love pact.

If you are a history buff/anime fan, you should definitely read Angels Coffin. It is a single volume manga and quick to read. The art is beautiful, but the focus is the characters. Angels Coffin is a good read, but only if you are into history.

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Overall Grade 6/10

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