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Bloodhound: A Vampire Story


Kaori Yuki has brought to life her own vampire story in Bloodhound. Again she brings to life characters that you come to love and a story that is confusing until the end. Bloodhound is one of her shorter stories, therefore you would feel it is rushed. That is not the case here. Having four chapters (a fifth as a bonus) she is able to get in the right amount of information. There is nothing unnecessary about this Bloodhound so pay attention to everything.

The Plot of Bloodhound

bloodhound plot
Bloodhound revolves around a girl named Rion. Rion is a high school teenager. She sets out to find her missing friend, Shiho. Shiho leaves a clue for Rion. Rion mistakes the address and goes to a Vampire host club called Kranken Hause. There she meets Suou, a vampire that claims she is his lost love. Once she finds out that Suou might be responsible foe Shiho's disappearance, she breaks a wine bottle so they force her to work there. Soon her father finds out and he and a group of adults go to find her. Her teacher takes it upon herself to walk Rion home. This is Rion finds out her teacher is responsible for the disappearances. Suou saves Rion and Shiho.

The next chapter in Bloodhound is where the story really takes off. Here you find out about Schwarz Wolf. A club created to create witches. The head of this organization happens to be Suou's brother, Mikhail. Mikhail has also been looking for Rion. In the past, Mikhail was going to marry Ellione (Rion), but she fell in love with Suou. Betrayed, Ellione was burned at the steak as a witch. Since then Suou has been looking for her to drink her blood and end the vampire curse.

The bonus chapter tells you how everything ends, happily. Here you are led to believe Rion is in a mental institution for believing in vampires. You find out later that she is really just stuck in her mind in a hospital bed.

The Characters of Bloodhound

bloodhound char
Rion is the main character of Bloodhound. Rion is your average high school drama girl. She is passionate about her friends and really does not believe in the fact she is a reincarnated woman. She is hot tempered at times.

Suou is the other main character. He is a vampire, of course, and uses his abilities to lead women in and to suck their blood. Only he does not do it against their will nor does he kill them.

The characters in Bloodhound are very well thought out and all are important to the story. Though some may seem they are for 'show' they really do have their minor roles to play. No character is unnecessary in Bloodhound.

The Art of Bloodhound

bloodhound art
This is my favorite part of any Kaori Yuki manga. Bloodhound is no exception. She is so detailed in everything that she draws. The characters are always so dreamy looking. You can see that Kaori Yuki loves to play around with outfits and hairstyle. The expressions of the characters are always perfect to the situation.

Bloodhound is an excellent manga to pick up and read and should be on every manga fan bookshelf.

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Overall grade 8/10

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