Saturday, February 23, 2013

Anime Trailer/Opening Parody Clips

Anime Parody Clips
 By Sabrina Murray
I thought it would be fun to do a little section on anime parody clips. I know that there are alot of these out there, but some are just really good and should be recognized. These are either opening themes to another show/anime or a movie trailer.

Parody 1: Type-Moon's The Avengers Anime Trailer Parody by NasuCheese

This was a great music video. The characters that were chosen to replace the actors were dead on. This anime parody video has great syncing as well as choosing great clips. If no one knew better, one might think this actually was an anime movie trailer! Great job to NasuCheese for bringing us this great video.

Parody 2: Cowboy Bebop Stargate SG1 Theme by cryofcelestial

Of course I am partial to this music video, but only because I was the creator. I love Cowboy Bebop and I love Stargate. I thought they had a lot of similarities between the two with all the hyperspace/wormhole gates. The characters really don't act the same, but the point gets across. Thanks for watching!

Parody 3: Neon Genesis Evangelion Cowboy Bebop Theme by Efrain Chaverri

This is just such an awesome video! The video syncs very well with the audio and the editing of the video is mind blowing. It definately looks like a professional did this. Thanks to Efrain Chaverri and great job on this anime parody video.

Parody 4: Sailor Moon Jerry Springer by DivineIntervention18

This is a great video. When I first got interested in anime music videos back in 1999/2000, I had come across this video. I thought it was hilarious and everyone else would enjoy wathing. The video has great editing as well as great quality.

Parody 5: Lupin III The Hangover Anime Trailer Parody by Fujikogirl

The syncing is not as great in this video as it was in the others. This anime parody video is still pretty good though. Though gets across and it actually fits pretty well together. The clips were picked out well.

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