Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Top 5 Anime Openings

Anime Openings: Top 5
By Sabrina Murray
Here are what I beleive are the best anime opening/themes that are out there. Of course my number one anime opening is Cowboy Bebop, but the other ones are in no particular order.

Opening 1: Cowboy Bebop

I love Cowboy Bebop so naturally I would pick this as my favorite opening. The song fits the anime very well and gives you a great description of what to expect out of the anime. The Seatbelts do a great job in drawing you into the anime.

Opening 2: X/1999

X/1999 the TV series opening theme sets a great review of what is to come in the anime. The music is perfect for the anime. As always, CLAMP never dissapoints.

Opening 3: Magic Knight Rayearth

Again CLAMP is always great at drawing into the anime by their opening themes. They also always pick great artists to do their opening theme. The opening to Magic Knight Rayearth shows how crazy, sad, and romantic the anime can be.

Opening:4: Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040

Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040's opening theme fits the cyberpunk genre. It is fast paced just like the anime, and compliments it very well.

Opening 5: Fate/Zero

Fate/Zero had a great first opening theme, but I thought that the second one fit the anime so much better. I thought that the anime focused more on Saber and Kitsiguru so the opening focused more on them.

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