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Wolf's Rain (Manga) Review

Wolf’s Rain Manga

Wolf's Rain Manga
Volume 1 Cover
I must start by saying I have not seen the anime yet. The manga series of Wolf's Rain is only two volumes long though while the anime, I know, is 30 episodes long. I’m assuming that there is a lot of filler or at least some newer plot lines in Wolf's Rain the anime series. Amusingly the chapters are called ‘gropes’ but using the definition of reaching for something hard to get to or struggling.

The Characters of Wolf's Rain

wolfs rain characters
Wolf’s Rain is a bit rushed only being two volumes. It seems that the story is not really focused on any one character. The characters never really develop either and you really never get to know them. There are a few background stories told on certain characters, but not to explain their history. The character designs are pretty cool except for Darcia. He wears a very weird costume. The art work in Wolf’s Rain is really good though. The wolves are drawn so beautifully.

The Manga

Wolf's Rain
Kiba Manga

In Wolf's Rain, Kiba is in search of paradise, which only wolves can reach. Kiba, Hige, Toboe, and Tsume are all wolves working together to get to paradise. Eventually a flower (in human form) named Cheza falls into their hands and is leading them to paradise. A man in a long coat and his dog named blue (which also turns out to be a wolf) follow them trying to kill them. Darcia (the original owner of Cheza) finally gets Cheza back. The wolves all go to save her and end up watching Darcia going to paradise. In the end the rumor gets around that paradise was there and they begin to journey towards the area. Through the mist of the wolves finding paradise, Tia is trying to find hers as well. She is from a village that would not welcome outsiders. Toboe found Tia and began to talk to her encouraging her to find her own paradise. At the end of Wolf's Rain she found it in her Holy flower.

The Plot of Wolf's Rain

Wolf's Rain
Wolf Pack

The plot of Wolf's Rain is very easy to understand. They are trying to find paradise. The characters though are not easy to understand and you never get to know any at a personal level. The only thing that really keeps you reading is the curiosity of getting to paradise and what it is exactly. Honestly Wolf’s Rain the manga was a bit of a letdown when they got to paradise. You never get to see what the paradise is either. I only hope that the anime of Wolf’s Rain is a lot better than the manga!

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Overall Grade 4/10

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