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X/1999 TV Series Review

X/1999 the TV Series

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The series of X/1999 takes a different view on things than the movie. The series is complete unlike the manga. That is why both the movie and the TV series of X/1999 are different. The series has 24 episodes and ran from Oct. 2001 through March 2002.
There is an episode dedicated to almost every member of the Dragons of Earth and Dragons of Heaven. These episodes will tell about the characters past, and why those chose to fight in this war. Kamui is the main character. His mother moved when he was little. He was taken away from his friends, Fuma and Kotori. He soon returns to Tokyo after his mother dies. He is faced with a choice to either save the Earth or to destroy the Earth. Each character has a personal enemy of the opposite team.

The Dragons of Heaven

dragons of heaven
They are known as The Seven Seals. They fight to save Earth and they each have their reason. Eventually Kamui decides to join the Dragons of Heaven. The characters in this group consist of Sorata, Arashi, Subaru,Seiichiro, Karen, and Yuzuriha. They are a consistently happy group all working together to save the Earth even if it means dying.

The Dragons of Earth

They are known as The Seven Angels. They fight to destroy the Earth. They feel human kind has no hope. When Kamui decides to join the Dragons of Heaven, Fuma becomes the Kamui of the Dragons of Earth. This group consists of Yuto, Satsuki, Seishiro, Nataku, Kakyo, and Kusanagi. They work to destroy the Earth, but not really together. They each have their own motif.

Other Characters

princess hinoto
There are a lot of other characters that play important roles in the series. In X/1999 the TV series, Fuma and Kotori’s mother held one sword while Kamui’s aunt held the other sword. Both sides have dreamseer, which are actually blood sisters. Princess Hinoto works for the Dragons of Heaven, while her younger sister, Kanoe, works for the Dragons of Earth.
X/1999 the TV series delivers exactly what you want it to, a reasonable answer to the end of the series. The movie was a dark film, ending in sadness. While sad things do happen in the TV series, it also has very happy things including the ending. The series also allows time for each character to develop and interact properly with one another. Tokyo Babylon’s Subaru and Seishiro make an appearance in the series and close the chapter between the longtime friends.
X/1999 was an amazing series and definitely one of my all-time favorites. While there are many different takes on the X/1999 story, the TV series takes award of best plotted. The series is consistent and provides ample of entertainment. There are a lot of fight scenes and a lot twists. I recommend seeing this anime!

Overall Grade: 9/10

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