Monday, February 4, 2013

Weird Facts About Japan

Weird Facts
By Sabrina Murray
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  • 15 Nobel laureates, 3 Fields medalist and 1 Gauss Prize laureate, originate from Japan.
  • Unemployment is less than 4%
  • 60% of the Earths animation entertainment resides from Anime.
  • The elderly has a 21% population.
  • If the trains are really crowded, the staff will tell the employees to cram people inside.
  • Mt. Fuji is an active volcano.
  • Religion is not a large role in Japans everyday life.
  • There is an almost 100% literacy rate.
  • Some Japanese people have special bathroom slippers.
  • Giving your new landlord a gift of almost two months of rent is often required.
  • Has the largest automobile producer.
  • Tsukiji is the largest fish market in the world.
  • If a floor is raised in a home, it usually means to take off your shoes.
  • Up until the late 1800s, Japanese women would blacken their teeth with dye. They did this because white teeth were ugly.
  • Karoshi is literally translated as death from overwork.
  • Japan has the highest life expectancy.
  • Japan will have close to 1500 earthquakes a year.
  • The contry with the longest reigning monarchy is Japan.
  • They consume the largest portion of imported timber from the Amazon.
  • There is a population of 60% smokers in Japan.
  • The only foreign language taught in Japanese schools is English.
  • You can buy beer, cigarettes, newspapers, and sometimes even girl panties on any corner from a vending machine.
  • Firms in Japan are allowed to serve alcohol to their employees after 6pm.
  • There are 90 US military bases in Japan.
  • Slurping your food is considered a sign of good food to the chef.
  • Japan holds the largest industry for sex.
  • An article allowing for complete renounce of war or aggression is in the Japanese Constitution.
  • Japan holds the largest cafe, massage parlor, restaurant, clubs, and game centers entertainment density.

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