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The Beauty of Manga: Alichino Review



The fact this is an unfinished manga makes it a bit difficult to review. Due to Kouyu Shurei breaking her hand in 2001, the manga has yet to be finished. Even though it is an unfinished manga, the art will allure anyone into reading it. While at first the story can be confusing (and still some parts are!) the flow of the characters and the hints of the story to be told is enough reason to read Alichino.

The Plot of Alichino

alichino review 2
The plot of Alichino is somewhat jumbled. It is obvious that finding Enju and taking care of Matsulika is the bigger portion of the story arc, but that really doesn't happen until the third manga. The story between the characters are a bit hard to understand. There is not a lot of healthy dialogue for you to understand the characters position with one another, but this could be due to translating. I still do not understand the young female who keeps following Tsugiri around after he saves her from an Alichino (What is her prupose?).

The Characters of Alichino

Alichino Characters
Characters of Alichino
The characters are really confusing in Alichino. They are all very mysterious, which is annoying to me, and each one's past story is quickly told. The only one they really linger on is Tsugiri, only because he is the main character. The first manga introduces all the characters, but does not really tell how their relationship with one another came about. Eventually the reader is introduced to each characters individual past. It also touches up how the characters were introduced to one another.

The Art of Alichino

Kouyu Shurei's Art
The most amazing thing about Alichino is the artwork. Kouyu Shurei has created some of the most beautiful characters in the manga world. Each character, male or female, are very alluring and yet so detailed. The artist truly cared about the quality of her work!

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Grade: 6/10 (And that is incomplete!)

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