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Differences Between Manga and Anime

What are the Differences Between Manga and Anime?
By Sabrina Murray
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When asked this question, many people will say, "Well a manga is a Japanese comic and an anime is the Japanese animation version." This is mostly an incorrect statement though. I hope by the end of this article you will be able to actually understand the difference between a manga and an anime.

The Similarities

Manga and Anime have many similarities. They have basic style they follow of big eyes, beautiful characters, and crazy hair. They are also alike in the way of how the story is told. The story will be included of any genre and have characters that go through many hardships. Sometimes these hardships are to learn a lesson, but not always.

But what are the Difference?

The Manga style of art and characters will generally be different from how the Anime is played out. The artwork in a Manga will more beautiful and more often the artist will put more thought into the character. An Anime, though, will have a smoother and cleaner character look. They will be beautiful, but the use of the computer graphics or acrylic will be different than that of the pen and ink.

An Anime will not always turn out how the Manga turns out. The director will take a different point of view than the original artist/creator. A good example of this is when the Manga may be turned into a movie and they have to cut the story down such as Akira. A lot of things will be cut out to fit the time limit of the movie. Another example of this is if a Manga is unfinished and the Anime has to make its own ending such as X/1999. The Manga series is incomplete and the movie and T.V. series both have different endings.

Manga and Anime are very different, but they are the same thing at the same time. They go hand in hand with each other and both put a viewpoint out there that can either be read or watched. Not all Anime was a Manga first though. Some Anime's will inspire a Manga at times or there may not be a Manga involved at all. One does not necessarily depend on the other though.

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